Why do people drop out of court reporting school

Court reporting school is probably very difficult for most people. There is a reason why the graduation rate is so low, and there are multiple reasons for this such as :


Be aware that most college programs have a fixed graduation date. When you start, you know that if you take a certain number of courses per semester, in two to four years, you will continue on this path to accepting your diploma.

There is no fixed timetable for graduation. Your graduation will depend entirely on you, there is no fixed schedule for that. Students start speed lessons, they spend most of the day in-class writing on their machines while the instructor dictates materials to them; students have no time to read, they turn into machines, and have only one thing in mind is to write and do everything quickly, until you finally pass the 225 WPM tests.

This is why it is impossible to define when the student can graduate, the student will evolve according to his speed. Some students can complete their course in two to four years, others take it later or earlier depending on their skill and speed.


Learning the shorthand of machines is difficult in itself, especially since the speed required to obtain the diploma is 225 words per minute. Some students think shorthand language just doesn’t make sense to them. Others understand this but simply cannot get the speed they need. As in any other school, the students give up when they think that everything is lost and that in no way, 10% of success, they find that percentage and too thin? Well, you cannot know before you start, have talent can change the game.


Be aware that you will need equipment before you can work as a court reporter. Some students can afford to buy but unfortunately, this is not the case for all students, there are students at school who cannot afford to buy their equipment, therefore, they have to work to be able to buy their equipment after graduating to save.

If you do your account you will find that you need almost $ 12,000 out of your pocket before you can even start working but this amount should not discourage you from going ahead and succeeding. when you buy to show your intelligence and start negotiating to get a price.

One more thing, if you choose the official legal work and you are ready to move, some circuits will provide you.


The psychological impact comes from the fact that most of your schooling time will be equivalent to failing again and again. Everything will seem to you will go quickly and you will not be able to follow it is where you lose your self-confidence. You will feel overwhelmed by the dictation lessons, then you will fail each test you pass. But it doesn’t matter, that’s how it works, you fall and get up again, that’s how we learned it, you will feel frustrated because you are not progressing. The same routine day after day, you will start to feel like you can write 120 WPM. And then you will start taking these 120 tests. And then you pass your last one and you can go to 140 WPM. Failures will accumulate. The ratio of failure to success is enormous. Go ahead that’s all you need to do, think about your goal and nothing else.

5-positive side of  court reporting school

A journalist, a dream job, this is why it is so difficult to be one, Keep in mind that flexibility only applies to the independent arena. Civil servants who work as journalists work for hours every day in the office. For most freelancers, you are considered an independent contractor, which means you can work when you want. It is a power that you should, however, use with care. A reporting company will go back to a reporter who is good and reliable. Take off at the last minute and often make things difficult. As long as you let them know a week or two in advance and do your job properly and meet deadlines, things will be great.

6-Your Income 

What is good in the field of court reporting is that any field can be very lucrative. of course, you have to be determined and have the will to be the best, you can be a competent journalist.

An experienced freelance journalist specializing in real-time, broadcast captioners, managers and CART providers can all earn up to $ 100,000. Of course, it also depends on where you are. Play a trick. Some locations just pay more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of a court reporter was $ 48,000.

This is an incredibly useful job dependent on you. If this is a place where there are a lot of disputes, chances are they will need court reporters. New York, in particular, is experiencing a kind of revival because state courts started hiring again in 2015 after a 4-year freeze and so there are now a lot of openings for freelance reporters, where there are only 2 years, we were all fighting to find work.

In most places, you start as a freelance reporter taking depositions, sworn exams, that sort of thing. This can be an unstable job, so many go to the court reporters themselves, who tend to have wages and benefits.