What To Feed Kittens 4 Weeks Old?

You should know that taking care of a young kitty is not at all an easy task especially when he is separated from his mother, it is also difficult to take care of a child, he needs a lot of attention before she is completely weaned from her mother can be a bit overwhelming. At 4 weeks, the kitten should just start the weaning process and switch to kitten food, which means you have to take on the role of his mom and start taking care of him and his food program.

The Gruel

It should be known that a young kitten is encouraged by the mother to stop suckling and eating different foods when it reaches 3 weeks. but be aware that At 4 weeks, the little kitten should eat mainly a mixture of porridge of course. you will need to mix the kitten replacement formula with high quality wet or dry kitten food and hot water of course. you must first mix it with the consistency of oatmeal and then if you use dry food, it must be mainly softened before being fed to the small kittens, you must be careful in your work, you may need to let them sit in the replacement milk and water for a while before, this is very important, that’s why, To get the baby to try the porridge, you must mainly place a little on the tip of your finger and do not forget to hold your finger against the cat’s mouth, it is very important. after, know that it is necessary to Slowly move your finger towards the saucer of porridge while your kitten follows it, of course, .it’s It should be more than eager to start running at the entrance. Over the next two weeks, gradually thicken the porridge until your kittens eat, these instructions are very important to follow.

Milk Replacement

first of all, you should know that cow’s milk is not an alternative that must be followed when one wants to feed a small kitten.

know that milk replacement preparations are specially designed for orphaned baby animals of course. Let’s not forget also that some are suitable for kittens and puppies too, while others are specifically designed for the nutrition of a young cat. know also that at 4 weeks, your kitten will always use this formula in addition to a homemade porridge of course. In addition, you can find the formula for replacing kitten milk in most grocery stores too, taking care of a small kitten is very difficult.


What is important to know when we have a kitten under our responsibility, is that this little kittens must eat every two to three hours, however, when it reaches 4 weeks, you can reduce them to every six to eight hours, so that you will have less work and you can take a break. in case your kitten does not seem to go to the porridge right away, it is possible you may have to continue to replace the milk, in addition, to make sure it receives enough calories and be in good shape since such a small and defenseless being needs to be well fed to stay in shape. you should know that Your kitten needs about 8 calories per ounce of body weight of course and Most milk replacement preparations contain 1 calorie per milliliter, that’s why you have to be careful when you decide to feed your little kitten


Food is important of course. but The game is a very important element that must be taken into consideration in the socialization of the kitten, because know that this factor helps to bond with each other and to strengthen the confidence of the people of course. it is necessary to have a habit Play with kittens for at least two hours a day to build a bond of trust. Take the time to socialize each of the kittens in a litter box individually. You should know that at this age, kittens will love to play with toys, this is where you have to play your role.