What might cause a shotgun to explode?

We have already heard of people, especially hunters, whose hunting rifles exploded in the face of shooters, but many people do not know why?

The worst thing that can happen to you is that your rifle explodes in your face, you can be sure that the result will be a brain injury. something that has caused panic among hunters, he begins to wonder. If their hunting rifle will explode one day and leave them with serious injuries?

It is a probability that we cannot avoid it. However, we can give you the most common reasons for the explosion of shotguns to help you take the necessary steps to prevent harm from happening to you because of those guns.

Barrel Obstruction

The obstruction of the barrel is one of the main reasons for the catastrophe that can result from a rifle explosion. When we mention the obstruction, they may be able to cause cracks that you should not overlook. The only obstruction you should ignore is putting the wrong ammunition into the shotgun; in other words, loading a 10 gauge shotgun with an 18 gauge shell can be fatal.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid using your firearm once in case you notice anything unexpected or unusual. You should carefully check the shotgun to assess the problem. Never fire your firearm if it acts awkwardly. , you will be very lucky if your weapon does not explode in your face in case you do not follow these instructions, so the best thing to do is to always check your weapon before using it.


Overloaded shell is one of the common causes of gun blowing. To understand this better, you must have known one thing is that the powders used for shotguns are volatile and double charged. And in case of overload, it is very likely that it will explode inside your shotgun.

Moreover, the heat inside your firearm and also a case not to be neglected, it can potentially ignite this powder and cause it to explode quickly causing numerous damages.

  The overloading of a shell caused firearms to explode in real life. this case has already been reported on several occasions, where a person decides to pour the smokeless powder into a black powder muzzleloader. and then sees his firearm explode like a grenade causing damage to his hand.

Clear Bore Obstruction

We’ve talked about all the risks that can happen to you, but you should still know that if you use the right ammunition for your shotgun, there will be no reason for your rifle to explode and cause you damage or at worst cases kill you, However, your shotgun presents a risk of explosion if there is a clear obstruction on the barrel, this is a certainty.

The obstruction allows pressure increases, especially after repetitive uses. However, these cases must be rare because hunting rifles are low-pressure firearms of course.


Be aware that even if the firearms can be used safely, a possibility that its turn to disaster cannot be ruled out. As we have already said, the explosion of a shotgun is a possibility that should not be overlooked. Therefore, it is advisable before using a firearm, to want to proceed with important safety precautions. as :

1-. when using a pistol, be sure to keep your fingers away from the trigger. This way you can stop an accidental release. When using a handgun, there is an area on top of the trigger where you can put your fingers. For shotguns, you just need to keep your fingers away from the trigger area to avoid accidents.

2- Even if you have already uploaded it, always pay attention, always think that it is still loaded with bales inside. You don’t point a shotgun insistently just because it doesn’t have ammunition, it can cost you dearly.

3- When using each pistol that you use, make sure that the mouth points in a secure area in case it goes bad. Of all the safety precautions, this is the most important. Pointing your gun in a safe direction would take away your fear in the event of an accidental discharge. Your perfect target will be in a place where there is no one, neither human nor animal.

 It is important to know that the safety of your weapon is not at all-sufficient. a mechanical error is at the origin of the danger which can cause a lot of damage to the person, The safety switch of the gun can fail. Therefore, you should demand to take extra care to always be up to date with any incident.

4. Something else, Always focus on your target when using a shotgun, never leave your target with your eyes, You should always think that there is always a possibility that people are around. If you fail to hit your target, there is a better possibility that the balls will bounce or change direction. This is a disaster, especially if there are people nearby, you can hurt people unwittingly.

You should know that as a responsible hunter, you can understand what could detonate a shotgun and how to use it safely for your loved ones. It is not easy to take control of the guns, even if they are tiny but peace of the instruction already mentioned you can be much more careful. Using or owning a gun is not bad, but you must know how to use it intelligently for others and themselves. it is important to read the guide to the use of firearms and to understand the need to protect people. to avoid any accident which can go as far as death in extreme cases, cases like those have already been reported, that’s why you should always be careful.