Top Japanese names beginning with the letter T

You can find in our list, a list of Japanese names for girls and boys, you also you will find the meaning of these Japanese names, but also a full selection of Japanese for girls and boys , this list will help you make the right choice of your baby’s first name.

The list of Japanese male names:


TABITO is lucky and successful, certainly by provoking it, he should not forget that failures exist.


TADAHISA is rich in possibility and has many qualities that its nonchalance does not always allow to express itself. Nevertheless, TADAHISA is easily satisfied with his fate and therefore, he is generally in a good mood, not asking too many questions and thus spreading a quiet joy around him.


TADAKUNI is a thoughtful person. He has a good mind, a very good memory, great curiosity and excellent judgment. His intelligence is rather synthetic, by looking at the details, TADAKUNI can quickly determine the main points of a situation.


An exciting personality who is difficult to follow, TADAMASA knows what he wants and does everything to achieve it.


Very intelligent and thoughtful, TADAMICHI sometimes has difficulty getting started. However, once he has started, he does not stop and would even tend to do too much.


TADAO is mysterious, not always easy to understand and often elusive.


TADASHI, throughout his life will need a strong partner to rely on.


TADASU will do anything to get what he wants, even if he has to use force to do it, nothing can resist him. He is angry, difficult to educate him ,he needs discipline .


TADASUKE is a true sentimental person who will be able to be present in difficult moments and make efforts when necessary, in return you will have to understand and love him.


TADATAKA is a very emotional, angry, nervous, always boiling. Sometimes reacts impulsively and even violently from time to time.


TADAYOSHI has a formidable memory, an ever-awakening curiosity and analytical intelligence. It goes into the details of each situation.


Well balanced in character, TADIYUKI is a true knight, acting without conviction, ready to defend and to fight. TADIYUKI faces life and doesn’t let it happen.


TAHEIJI does not particularly like to possess and be possessed, so as soon as he sees a manifestation of appropriation he tends to flee. TAHEIJI is independent and afraid that too much affection will take away his freedom and reduce him to slavery.


TAKAKAZU has a blood character, he is impulsive, he is able to react quickly and yet always acts reasonably.


A very strong personality, with a great memory, TAKAMORI has above all analytical qualities. We have seen him, he observes, he dissects, they judge, form his idea and then proceed with caution.


His intelligence is both analytical and synthetic, he distinguishes the main lines and details of situations. His intelligence does not necessarily strike the eyes, since TAKAMUKU does not seek to shine and is not always communicative.


Early,TAKANIBU is very sensitive to seduction, love and sexuality.


Memory, very synthetic intelligence,TAKANORI retains everything, classifies everything and constantly needs to feed his curiosity and knowledge from an early age.


TAKAO presents two personalities, the first one: calm, peaceful, smooth and the second one much more tormented, fighting for his life, in his life. Influential, subjective,[first name] must fight against a certain wait-and-see attitude that characterizes him.


Not very emotional,TAKASHI perfectly controls his emotions, without having explosive reactions. TAKASHI is the type of person to decide at the time of debate, to be casual or even insolent.


Fast, analytical,TAKAUJI tends to respond easily, often using irony, which can make it sometimes hurtful and borderline insolent.


It is not the aspect of her character that we notice first, it is very deep and can therefore confuse those around her. Even if most of the time TAKI knows how to think before acting, he sometimes goes out of his reserve, is impulsive, influenced by his rage and capricious side.


TANJIRO needs to “travel” to increase his knowledge, to know, understand life and grasp the existence of the world.


Not very emotional,TASHIAKI perfectly controls his emotions, without having explosive reactions. TASHIAKI is the type of person to decide at the time of debate, to be casual or even insolent.