Top 5 Stories About Sacrifice

In this world, there are very special people full of humanity and kindness with a sense of selflessness of self-sacrifice. well, in this article, you will see incredible stories of people ready to sacrifice their lives for their fellow men without any regrets.

Arland Williams

And we start with Arland Williams, know that Air Florida flight 90 had just taken off from Washington national airport on January 13, 1982, it was then that the plane stalled and crashed unfortunately on the 14th Street Bridge before driving through the ice and into the Potomac River. except six passengers escaped death, the others on board died, after this unfortunate incident a helicopter quickly flew to save the survivors. while the rescue team was carrying the survivors out of the water one by one, be aware that they noticed that a man named “Arland Williams” continued to hand over the lifeline they were descending to the other passengers, rather than to choose to save his own life first before worrying about the others. well, in the end, He managed to save everyone in the water, however, Arland perished himself at the moment when the rescue helicopter came back to him, this act of bravery will remain engraved in history.

Casey Jones

Casey Jones is The American railroader who has become a real hero, the story begins when he drove his train faster than usual, and to make up for all the time lost. Know that it did not take long before the firefighter de jones did not notice that there was a cargo ship advancing at full speed on the rails. and instinctively, our hero Casey asked his firefighter to get off the train to be safe from any danger that could happen .jones stayed on board and applied the brakes as hard as he could to stop the train. unfortunately, Casey Jones was the only person who perished in the terrible train accident which took place on April 30, 1900, a sad end for a true hero.

Lawrence Oates

Now we move on to another legend, Captain Lawrence Oates, this man was a British army officer and an Antarctic explorer who died during the Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole. It should be known that this expedition which begins in 1910 e finish in 1913 left behind a lot of death, however, it has left a big mark in the story, it is the altruism of Oates. Know that this man suffered disabling injuries that desperately slowed this expedition, well, you should know that despite his calls to be left behind, the others did not want to listen to him at all. this is why he withdrew from the relative safety of the tent and in the driving snow until he died. what is sad in this story is that despite the sacrifice of his hero, all Participants succumbed to the weather before reaching their goal. Unfortunately, his sacrifice was in vain.

Jordan Rice

I am sure that all Australians remember the floods in Queensland, well, know that they were a series of floods that forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from the cities of Queensland, Australia, from 2010 to January 2011. you should know that it is this Jordan Rice wrote his name in history, Jordan was 13 years old when he was in a car with his mother and his 10-year-old brother, unfortunately, they were engulfed by floods. well, know that a rescuer managed to reach the car and Jordan insisted that his 10-year-old brother be saved first before him, an act of heroism from a 13-year-old boy who cares about the life of his 10-year-old brother rather than worrying about his own. It was then that his little brother was put in safety by the rescuer that the rope on which the rescuer was hanging was unfortunately broken, which made it impossible to reach Jordan and his mother too, who were still stuck in the car, Jordan’s act of bravery to save his brother but he cost death for Jordan.

Alfred Vanderbilt

And to finish, Alfred Vanderbilt, this man was a member of the Vanderbilt dynasty of railways, know that Alfred was a very rich man who enjoyed a life of dreams. was traveling on the RMS Lusitania, the infamous passenger ship torpedoed by a German submarine of course. Alfred appeared just when the torpedo hit, he started by distributing life belts to passengers and also guided them to nearby lifeboats to help them evacuate. He even gave his lifeline to a mother carrying a baby without knowing how to swim, a real hero, in the end, he sank with the ship. he was undoubtedly an admirable man, who passed the life of others to his own life.