Top 5 Must-Own Guns

In this article, you will see excellent firearms. these firearms have proven themselves many times, and we show how effective they are, that’s why You should consider having some in your collection to have a good collection. There are different types of firearms from which you can choose the one you like the most and which will be of great use to you, of course. and let’s begin with this one:

The Glock 17

Be aware that The Glock 17 is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured since 1980 by an Austrian company, a firearm that has shown how reliable and efficient it is. well, know that For concealed transport, the Glock 17 is the weapon that suits you best, many civilians begin to lean towards this weapon which a woman, for example, can use it to defend herself if necessary and hide your gun in a handbag is the ideal weapon because, in addition to its efficiency, The Glock 17 can perfectly be hidden without a problem. In addition, The Glock 17 is the number 1 choice among US law enforcement agencies of course. and you can see for yourself, you can often find the police trade-in Glocks in gun stores. Without forgetting the fact that The Glock 17 frame is made of a special type of polymer. well, know that It allows the pistol to be much lighter than a pistol entirely in the steel of the same dimensions and easy to handle. it is true, that it has similar weapons like The Smith & Wesson, however, it is aware that it weighs a whole pound more than the Glock 17, this gun is a real masterpiece.

Mossberg 500

The shotgun, also called Mossberg 500, is without a doubt a real terror. A very special and unique weapon capable of ensuring your protection if a criminal or a thief tries to break into your house, well, know that in addition to being a very powerful firearm, the Mossberg 500 can also be used as a bat to strike a person without killing him of course, which makes him a double-sided weapon. In addition, you need to know a lot of resources, and one of the strengths of the Mossberg 500 is the considerable number of barrels that can be used in place of the original barrel. well, as you know There are slug barrels, hunting barrels, tactical barrels, barrels with scope mounts, barrels with fiber optic sights, do not worry, It is very easy to exchange barrels. Not to mention the fact that most tactical models have cannons of about 18 inches. know that You can also get them with shell supports on the side of the receiver of course. comes inside. They come automatically in a pistol grip configuration too, it is very important to keep in mind that you should not hold the Mossberg 500 close to your face when you pull the trigger because this weapon is very powerful.


1911 is a very special and effective weapon especially, 1911 which is undoubtedly one of the first choices among the owners of firearms. as you can easily guess, this magnificent weapon was adopted by the American army in the year 1911, however, for what is the year of its invention, well, know that this firearm was invented with the late 1890s. you need to know The pistol was also widely used during the First World War, it proved useful many times since some soldiers depended on it as the main handgun. moreover, be aware that More than 68,000 were produced for the great war, between Colt and Springfield. in fact, it was during the Second World War that approximately 1.9 million 1911 models were produced by various companies. this special firearm was a standard problem until the end of the Vietnam War. Without forgetting the fact that it is known for its good balance and its force of relaxation, moreover, know that the models full size are easy to reach. 1911 is surely a special weapon and unique of its kind.

The AK-47

Now we move on to a very popular firearm known as the AK-47, this firearm that spits out from a gas-fired round discharge shell. you should know that the AK-47 was manufactured using origin in the Soviet Union of course. and it was in the year 1945 that its production began to prosper, however, know that it was not until 1948 that the AK-47 began to be delivered to military units in fact, it is important to know that the AK-47 was originally designed by a man by the name of Mikhail Kalashnikov. this man was in the hospital after a combat wound when he heard other soldiers complaining about their weapons. it was at this point that he decided to create a better weapon, which finally became the AK-47 in the year 1947.

Not to mention the fact that the AK-47 uses both box and drum magazines, which can carry up to 100 shots. Compared to other firearms, the AK-47 is relatively very inexpensive to produce, which makes this firearm extraordinary.

The Winchester 94

Winchester 94, this very impressive and efficient firearm is the work of John Browning who designed the Winchester 94 in 1894, this weapon requires the use of a lever technique. It should be noted that many historians have described the Winchester 94 as the best lever firearm that exists. Note that 1894 was the first rifle to be fired with the.30 W.C.F. round of course, and which later became known as 30-30. more, you should know that Even the government ordered for the first world war. It probably makes you think about how strange the First World War was.

Without whacking the fact that many hunters use the Winchester 94 as a bush pistol or one that you use to hunt in a hundred yards too. this weapon is undoubtedly magnificent.