TOP 5 Most Dangerous Rivers In The World

Everyone loves nature, however, even if nature looks beautiful and calm, it is terrifying too, you should know that rivers are wonderful but deadly. moreover, know that the network of waterways is an integral part of cities, providing a variety of necessities for the prosperity of course. in this article you will see the most dangerous rivers in the world, the rivers where you should never venture, and this because of their natural existence, but also because it is home to dangerous amphibians and reptiles that can attack you as soon as you are in the water.

The Amazon River, South America

I am sure you have already heard the name of this river, it is one of the most famous places in the world is a source of oxygen to humanize it, considered as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, you should know that The danger of the most fluid river in the world, does not lie only in its power. Artery, every second pouring into the Atlantic Ocean about 220,000 cubic meters of water and which we call Sea of the river, filled with the most ferocious creature that exists on earth. There are ravenous piranhas, a black Cayman, a huge Anaconda, a giant predatory Arkaima, and small but no less terrible parasites and another bloodthirsty monster, entering the urinary system. The Amazon basin is full of impassable swamps and deadly quagmire, it is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous places that exist on our planet.

The Yangtze River, China

The river which enters the list of the top 3 longest rivers in the world, the river “The Yangtze River” occupies the third place behind the Nile in France, and the Amazon in Brazil, however, it is in front in the other classification, it should be known that Due to the fact that this 17 of the thousands of Chinese colonies, located on the banks of the Yangtze, there are no purification systems, moreover, know that all their metabolic waste is dumped in the pond without the filter of course. Do not add to the purity of the river and many chemical, and petrochemical factories, as well as to the regular transport of very dangerous goods. and According to the most conservative estimates that exist, it is important to know that the volume of contaminated water in the main waterway of China reaches up to 34 billion tons, which makes this river one of the most dangerous.

The River Rio Tinto, Spain

Rio Tinto river with its Red color like that of blood, it is important to know that the waters of the Rio Tinto river, originally from the Spanish province of Huelva and crosses Andalusia of course, know that unattractive not only in appearance. more because of the high concentrations of metals coming from the copper and silver and gold mines, it should be known that this body of water was known as one of the most acid places on our planet. The water, whose pH fluctuates varies between 1.7 and 2.5 and almost up to the acidity of the gastric juice, well, as you can imagine, it represents a threat to any living creature. without forgetting that The only inhabitants of the Rio Tinto river are aerobic bacteria also called extremophiles, this river well deserves its place between the most dangerous rivers in the world.

The Ganges River, India

Here is another dangerous river, you should know that The Indian epic Ramayana tells that the waters of the sacred Ganges have the power to give life to the dead and to get rid of evils. but Unfortunately, as you know this is not real, and the dead do not come back to life, know that the main river of India is on the list of the most contaminated waters in the world. the Flocking of waste from many industries and feces too, all of this comes from overcrowded cities where there are a lot of people. and more, know that Even while bathing in the Ganges, the number of enterobacteria in which about 120 times more high than normal, well, it is important to know that this can lead to infectious diseases and even cause the death of thousands of people every year. all these factors show you how dangerous this river is.

River Citarum, Indonesia

Now we move to a river that has not stolen its place in the ranking, you should know that with the advent of advanced technologies along the banks of the river once beautiful, and today, unfortunately, one of the more polluted by nature, River Citarum located on the island of Java in Indonesia, this river grew by more than five hundred plants. more, before serving as a source of income for many fishermen, it became the home of other hunters and fishermen of garbage. without forgetting that the Dirty Water is infested with bacteria and invisible under a thick layer of household and industrial waste, always used for drinking and irrigation. this river is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous rivers in the world