Top 5 Interesting Facts About Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country in Central America with many volcanoes, tropical forests, and other incredible places. it is a country full of wonderful places, in this article, we will see some facts on Guatemala.

1-Giant Holes

To start, 10 years ago, and exactly on May 30, 2010, know that a huge hole no less than 18 meters wide and about 30 stories deep opened in the middle of Guatemala City. mysteriously, which engulfed a three-story building and a house. You should know that It also, unfortunately, caused the death of a man. Well, due to the location of the capital, of course, there are between two active volcanoes, and the earth below is mainly composed of a substance which is called pumice fill, this material which was deposited during previous eruptions. in fact, this huge thing is soft and not consolidated, well, know that it is theorized that this chasm is not at all a chasm. but it is actually man-made. This is because of local zoning regulations treated with as much respect as Charlie Sheen treats his own body, moreover, be aware that the leaking water pipes are probably the guilty of having dug a huge hole under the city of Guatemala. without forgetting the fact that the repairs cost 2.7 million dollars for a similar abyss in 2007, The Guatemala 2010 hole has become a minor tourist attraction of course.


You should know that Guatemala is a country where there are a lot of volcanoes, in fact, there are three active volcanoes, including the Volcan de Fuego which erupted for the sixth time in 2017 and exactly last June. There are 37 volcanoes in total in Guatemala, they emerge from the crust of the planet thanks to the location of Guatemala on the Ring of Fire of course, in fact, the area where all the juice of the planet inside infiltrates and becomes all melted into our affairs. in addition, the three active volcanoes which are Pacaya, Fuego, and Santiaguito are so active that you are almost guaranteed to witness an explosion or a lava flow just visiting the region which is very dangerous. 35 kilometers is the distance that separates them from the city of Guatemala, you should know that the Fuego Volcano is closely monitored by the authorities in case it decides to kill everyone, of course, it is true that it is unlikely, but it should not be forgotten that the Pacaya volcano is only 30 kilometers from the city of Guatemala, which means that everything is possible.

3-Drug Gangs

Now we move on to another interesting fact, you should know that The Guatemalan authorities intercepted 12,427.2 kilograms of cocaine last year, however, be aware that being placed in a practical way for the distribution of products from Colombia or Ecuador means that Guatemala has serious drug trafficking problems of course. in fact, the famous MS-13 gang in Los Angeles wisely discovered that in a world where the CIA is pulling its teeth, moreover, know that the countries of Central America are fertile ground as you know. which means that Guatemala has managed to fight the biggest gangs of course, in addition to the fact that outfits like MS-13 and the Mexican cartel of Sinaloa still influence the 50 or smaller gangs that transport cocaine and marijuana throughout the region. without forgetting the fact that the drugs are shipped by fast boats from Colombia, and that these drugs dock in Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala. Well, almost all of the cocaine from Colombia arrives in Guatemala, every country has its good and bad side.

4-Long Civil War

Well, you should know that during the Guatemalan civil war which lasted as you know from 1960 to 1996, and which left behind no less than 200,000 people died and at least 400 villages simply disappeared from the world. fact, know that the whole affair was a long struggle for power between the indigenous rural populations and the military junta which was installed in the 1950s of course. moreover, you should know that as for many countries of Central and South America at the time, the main concern was how to keep the Communists away of course, well, in Guatemala, however, that was not the case. Carlos Castillo Armas, who is, as you know, the head of the junta that was installed after the overthrow of the communist regime, took it upon himself to systematically strip the poor. sanas forget the fact that the uprising that followed in 1960 killed colonel armas and a new general was put in his place to continue the fight. one more fact to add to Guatemala’s list.

5-Inhabited For 20,000 Years

To finish, well, know that nowadays, more than half of the Guatemalans are descendants of the indigenous Mayan peoples as you probably know. in fact, you should know that As many imperialist nations note, draw lines on a map and calling it yours only works rarely in the long term of course. know that Before the arrival of the conquistadors and this in the sixteenth century, well, the region which is Guatemala at the eighth hour was governed by many kingdoms different Mayans, in fact, as evidenced by some 5,000 archaeological sites spread throughout the country of course, and this dating from around 20,000 years ago. and exactly At the time of the Spanish conquest, know that the Mayans were in strong decline. moreover, you should know that smallpox has swept the continent and internal conflicts have weakened the once-powerful civilization. keep in mind that Guatemala is a truly fascinating country.