Top 5 Hottest NBA Wives & Girlfriends

As you know, the NBA players are known for their incredible talent on the field, know that they are not only talented in basketball, they are also known for their fame and their luxurious lifestyle, all basketball stars have the talent to find the most beautiful woman. you should know that some of the most eligible women date or are married to an NBA player, in addition, Being an NBA star has many advantages in life: money, power, fame and more, especially the most interesting advantage is having the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful, talented and popular women of the world. in this article you will see the NBA players off the field with their beautiful company.

Stephen Curry & Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry the two lovers met for the first time in a group of youth churches in Charlotte, this meeting was at the time when our NBA champion was 15 years old and she was 14 years old. You should know that it was when the beautiful Ayesha pursued her acting career in the West that she met Stephen once again, this meeting took place during their studies at Davidson College in Ohio. after this second meeting, our champion Steph fell in love with the beautiful Ayesha and got married in 2011 and has lived in San Francisco ever since.

Well, know that Ayesha Curry is the author of a cookbook and participated in her own show on the Food Network. in addition to being a very beautiful woman.

La La Anthony & Carmelo Anthony

You should know that before La La Anthony begins to go out with the New York Knicks champions “Carmelo Anthony”, well, know it was already well anchored in the New York scene of course and that with its own celebrity. and that’s not all, it’s important to know that La La Anthony got a spot hosting “Total Request Life” from MTV, which is not at all easy as you know, The love story of La La and Carmelo began in 2004, after that comes the fruit of their love, they had a child in 2007 before getting married in 2010. it is true that the two have lived separate lives for some time, however, they know that they have not yet divorced. more as you know Carmelo now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder while La La continues her successful acting career of course.

Iggy Azalea & Nick Young

Now move on to another pretty special couple, as you know the charm and the Australian beauty and the phenomena of female rap Iggy Azalea burst into our music world and that in the year 2011. you should know that iggy quickly gained a massive audience who admire and love what she does and our champion who played for the Los Angeles Lakers is no exception, he could not resist the charm of our star “iggy azalea. the Australian started dating the famous athlete Nick Young in 2013.

However, it was in the year 2015, after the announcement of the engagement of the new couple that things took a new turn. The Lakers rookie goalie Champion Angelo Russell did not hesitate to post a video in which Young cheats on Azalea in the locker room. This video ended their love affair.

Laura Harrier & Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is undoubtedly a star of the Golden State Warriors, however, his girlfriend quickly became an even bigger star than Klay. as you know Thompson’s girlfriend “Laura Harrier” played a well-known supporting role such as BlacKkKlansman by Spike Lee without forgetting Spider-Man: Homecoming, of course, the most impressive thing about our star laura is her diversity, a gift to attribute to the best actress and actress, you should know that Actors of yesteryear were often too easily transcribed as you probably know, however, there are new talented actress and actress now, like laura who has shown her talent, well, we see her go from roles that deal with racial tension to romantic comedy with genius, she is really a very special woman.

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

Eva Longoria. this beautiful woman with an attractive look appeared for the first time in the well-known episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 and the General Hospital in 2000. in the program which was a real success Desperate Housewives, and for which she won a range of actor awards, of course, it was one of the best moments in the life of the charming Eva.

The love story between Eva and Tony started in 2007. However, the capas lasted a long time and the end was not really happy, know that Longoria filed for divorce in 2010 and that the couple officially separated in 2011. the cause of the request The story of Eva’s divorce was discovered later, it turns out that Parker was having an affair with the wife of his teammate Brent Barry. which ended the duo.