Top 5 best walleye Fishing In Canada

Canada, there is no better place to practice a fishing passion, this country is filled with fantastic walleye fisheries from British Columbia to Quebec, however, know that there are only a handful of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs hunt regularly lots of large walleye weighing eight to 18 pounds. Even in these waters, it is important to put yourself in the right place at the right time with the right presentation. here is why this article will see someplace where it is necessary to go to take full advantage.

Sydney Lake Lodge

Sydney Lake Lodge is one of the places that fascinate them for all fishing passionate, the Sydney Lake Lodge is a fishing destination accessible only by air specializing in pike fishing possibilities, it is located about 130 miles north East of Winnipeg in Ontario, walleye and lake trout offered on two magnificent distant lakes, unfortunately, it is a little difficult to get there. The lodge offers 20 hp engines on 16 foot Lund boats with all gas included as well as a conservation fishing license, of course, it’s worth it. know that the central fishing lodge is a marvel of the log cabin of two floors, thing which is very interesting, it is undoubtedly ideal for a part of ping-pong if you wish it, table football or any activity which comes to mind. You should know that there is also a kiosk located on each side of the island in case you can’t get enough of the large spaces offered at the Sydney Lake Lodge, all this to show you that in this place no way to get bored.

Ellen Island Camp

Most of the time fishermen like to find a quiet place, a distant fishing lodge where they can be tranquil while he enjoys the splendor of the sea, know then that the Ellen Island camp is the ideal place for this pleasure. you should know that The island camp is located in the middle of Lake Lady Evelyn which is located in northern Ontario, The customers who come are housed in luxury cottages on a private island of 17 acres which is accessible by boat well sure. there is no doubt that during your stay, you will have a pleasant time. The chalets have two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a private bathroom. In addition to the kitchen, your cabin is equipped with a propane barbecue, a picnic table with a screened sunset room and a terrace. let’s not forget also The heating which is ensured by a gas heating. The lodge picks up guests at Mowat’s Landing, and you are transported by ferry to the island by boat. be sure that during your days of stay you will be fully satisfied.

Garden Island Lodge

Garden Island is undoubtedly one of the dream places of all fishermen, some consider it a paradise for fishermen. know that The Garden Island Lodge is located on the isolated island of Lady Evelyn Lake and if in the vast desert on the north side of Ontario of course. Unfortunately, this place is not accessible by car, you have to take a plane or a boat to reach the lodge. You should know that it is a full-service lodge with a comfortable lodge and cabins. comfortable. You can enjoy exceptional meals created by the lodge’s gourmet chef. The cabins can accommodate up to 6 people. The main lodge has a fully furnished family room with a library, a bar, and even poker tables. Anyway, whatever will make you happy you will find it in this place.

Kashabowie Outposts

The outposts of Kashabowie, another place that attracts all the fishing enthusiasts who want to practice their pleasure while enjoying the splendor of nature. this heaven on earth is located just 29 kilometers east of Atikokan and a two-hour drive from the International Falls. to reach your destination you must go by plane to Ontario. you can find many Ontario air fishing outposts which are located on some of the most private and serene lakes in the country of course. Know that each cabin includes solar energy, new memory foam mattresses, a refrigerator, a propane stove and a propane water heater with indoor showers. the cabins also have a wood stove for heat with all the firewood cut and ready. All kitchen and meal tools, as well as a propane grill and a fish cooker, are there for your convenience. finally, everything you need to spend a very pleasant stay.

Hawk Lake Lodge

Hawk Lake Lodge is, without doubt, one of the famous places where a fisherman worthy of his name likes to spend vacations to fish. and this in all luxury if you wish, The lodge offers a central hub and customers are accommodated in plush cabins that offer privacy, comfort, and style. Note that the nine cabins vary in size from one to four bedrooms. Each cottage is located right on the shores of Lake Hawk. The lodge is just a three-hour drive from Winnipeg, Manitoba or International Falls, Minnesota of course. be aware that the main area of the lodge includes a gourmet dining room, a library, a large living room, a full bar, a fly tying table, and a fishing tackle shop. a place of great refinement where you can find everything you need