Top 5 Best Tanto Knives

You should know that the fixed tanto knife has known a common use in the Japanese war and that for centuries, of course, because as you know this kind of fixed tanto knife are a formidable weapon and a perfect choice for close combat. well, know that a tanto blade offers many advantages and among its many advantages, these fixed tanto knives are short and have a thick spine too, in other words, it is very easy to use them for high-stress applications such as armor drilling, for example, the lever and even be used as a wedge for hammering and other advantages. Moreover, be aware that Their widespread use by special forces and the police testify to their longevity of course. that’s why it has created a wide range of high-quality models made by the best manufacturers in the world.

Cold Steel 3V Recon

You should know that The Cold Steel 3V Recon is a fixed 7 “full tang fixed blade representing 11 3/4” overall, quite exceptional, it is one of the best tactical tantos you can find. without forgetting the fact that this weapon is often used by SWAT teams, and the special forces and the police in general. Well, know that The Cold Steel 3V Recon is a knife on which many professional soldiers are ready to put their lives in danger of course. Its effectiveness has been proven in the field for many years and has been deployed in various areas of active war like Afghanistan. a weapon of choice for soldiers who have proven to be effective has many times.

A weapon that contains many advantages such Its ultra-durable design includes a handle in hardened rubber. and that’s not all, know that The handle is both shaped and textured to ensure maximum grip of course, without forgetting that this knife has a unique fixing device that will prevent the handle from moving on the tang, which will prevent the knife from slipping from your hand.

Gerber Prodigy 

The Gerber Prodigy is a multi-purpose weapon, this knife is effective in the house as much as it is effective for military deployments. Well, know that this weapon has a full tang blade of 4.75 inches and 9, 75 inches in a total of course, in addition to the fact that it is large enough for close combat and it is small enough to deploy in tight spaces to what makes it a very special weapon, you should know that this weapon is very comfortable for a long-lasting transport and this is due to its slight point.

Without forgetting the fact that the blade of the Gerber Prodigy very sharp in a nasty way is made of resistant stainless steel. this steel has an extraordinary hardness, capable of holding a good edge however, it sharpens as easily. know that The Gerber Prodigy has a black oxide sieve finish, which makes it resistant. And that’s not all, know that this knife has The handle which rests on a full tang and has a TacHide handle. and in addition to being textured, profiled it is also grooved for a solid grip. flame-resistant and works well in all environments and temperatures, which makes this knife unique and very special.

Eickhorn German KM2000 

Eickhorn German KM2000, this weapon is a military knife designed to resist many cases of abuse. It is partially serrated and it also has a very sharp blade capable of cutting efficiently, that the Eickhorn German KM2000 has many advantages of course, and among these advantages, know that it has a steel blade Böhler N695, and well, it is Austrian stainless steel which is essentially 440c with copper added without forgetting the fact that it has only an HRC of 57, despite that, expect good resistance to corrosion and wear, which is of the screw it is a tool which is used to hold the full tang in the handle. Moreover, you should know that The flavor exceeds the handle a little for what is called Skullcrusher. well, know that It is marketed as a window breaker.

Eickhorn German KM2000 is made of very solid polyamide, which puts it a little heavy, of course, however, it is a considerable advantage is that it keeps the knife in place. There is no danger of it slipping at the wrong time, which makes this knife among the list of the best tanto knives

Ka-Bar Black

And now we go to “Ka-Bar Black 1245”, this has been supplied to the military with combat knives for decades. This knife is considered to be one of the best weapons that a soldier can have, know that its 8 ″ blades are made of high-quality Cro-Van 1095 steel. Well, the steel you should know that Cro-Van 1095 is very special carbon steel which can hold an edge under intensive use, however, keep in mind that it is very sharp. also, it is an attack and defense knife too, and well, know that the thick blade of tanto gives it immense piercing power of course. the Ka-Bar Black 1245 is, without doubt, one of the first choices among the military.

Buck Intrepid XL 

And finally, The Buck Intrepid XL, a very unique military knife of its kind, this weapon is undoubtedly filled with admirably hunting and survival roles of course. however, it should be noted that the focus has been on things such as piercing ability or overall robustness and combat readiness as well.

Well, know that In practice, in other words, the full silk Intrepid XL can take very vicious abuse of course. Indiscreet, hammering and penetrating steel is part of the Intrepid’s working day. however, it is possible to clean at home. When it comes to its size, you should know that the knife measures 10.5 “in total length and has a tanto blade of 5.5”. Blade steel is Buck’s base steel. well, Buck steel takes an edge and the very one holds well.