Top 5 Ancient Chinese Women’s Clothing

China is known for its cultures, and the refined sense of the country in the style of dress, well, this has been for a very long time you should know that Ancient Chinese clothes were more than clothes to cover the body, of course, These were the symbols of prestige and the embodiment of Chinese culture, and also very important in showing the social status of a person. Be aware that the rich and the poor dressed very differently in ancient China. for the poor, they wore hemp backpacks that were durable and comfortable for working in the fields. unlike the rich who wore clothes made of silk, dyed with specific colors and could be transformed into fancy patterns of course, in this article we will see the ancient Chinese women’s clothing.

Chang Pao

To start, we find the chang pao, you should know that the chang pao is a unique costume of its kind, it covers most of the body from the shoulders to the ankles too. Know that it is a combination of several other Chinese outfits, all in one suit. at the start, it was a loose dress, it was mostly worn by men and after that, it became an outfit for women.

Moreover, we should not forget the fact that the chang pao was introduced by the Manchus who came from the north of China of course, well, know that The horseshoe design was to protect the hands from the cold in winter. and this is very important Men could roll up their sleeves while doing their daily business or hunting, which makes the change pao very effective and impressive.

Pien Fu

You should know that the Pien Fu is a ceremonial dress composed of only two pieces. well, it is that One is a tunic that extends to the knees at the top, and in terms of other is a skirt that reaches the ankles at the bottom of course. the skirt was mainly worn for formal occasions. moreover, you should know that these two unique pieces were available in different colors and each color having a different meaning that distinguished it from the others. why it is red, it represented summer, green represents wealth and harmony, as black was for winter. it was a very special dress.

The Dragon Robe

The dragon’s robe was the robe dedicated to the emperors, it was their daily outfit. They tended to consider the dragon as a very important symbol because they thought that dragons had emerged from the sky in ancient times. it was for them a symbol that they venerate and respect a lot, well, know that The dress had a round neck with buttons on the right. besides, most of the buttons were yellow and this because it was the official color of the emperors of course. without forgetting the fact that In addition to the symbolic dragon, many other animals were presented as the eagle, the tiger, the snake, and the devil. the dragon robe was really beautiful in those times.


Formerly, jewelry was much more than simple than fashion or any clothing style, well, know they were also symbols of social status and distinguish the rich from the poor, in addition, you should know that there were many rules regarding the wearing of jewelry. here is why it was very easy to recognize the social status of a person and this just by looking at his jewelry. for men, they used hooks or belt buckles, for women, however, they wore combs and hairpins. in fact, the ancient Chinese wore more silver than gold.

We must not forget the fact that the ancient Chinese preferred jade to any other stone of course. in addition to that, They believed that jade had the human qualities of hardness, durability, and beauty too. Well, the first jade designs were simple, however, they have evolved over time. Furthermore. Amulets were commonly used as jewelry with the dragon symbol on them of course.

Clothes for the Head

And finally, there is a hat which has a long history in ancient China of course, and you should know that the hat was a very important element of clothing in ancient China. in fact, for men they wore hats and for women, they preferred to wear hairpieces. know that the hat has been seen especially on men once they have reached the age of 20 as a sign that they have reached adulthood of course. moreover, it is important to know that the hat other times have nothing to do with that nowadays, know that the hat at the time of ancient China only covered part of the Calvary with its narrow crest instead of the whole head like a modern cap.

Without forgetting the fact that the ceiling also indicates the social hierarchy and the status of an individual. know that the poor were in no case allowed to wear hats. During the Han dynasty, the hat was similar to the modern cap, however, it had to be worn with a headband of course. it was an accessory