Amazing Tips You Need to Know when dating a Brazilian woman

Brazil, one of the most extensive countries, why? there are some who will say that it is thanks to the blue sea, some would mention a beautiful nature, but the fact is that most men will think of sexy Brazilian women rather than football, Brazilian women are very well known for their exotic beauty and their strong capsizing character. I’m sure if you’ve ever been to Brazil, you’ve noticed that the best thing about this tropical paradise is the incredibly hot women.



Well, if you have a car, it’s the best way to make a good impression, especially if you have a date in the evening, it would be inappropriate to let it go out at night alone and then we all know that girls like to be begged if not, if you don’t have a car, you just have to wait for it at the meeting place and hope that nobody harasses it on the way because know that the Brazilian is always beautiful by wearing high heels and covered with makeup.


you are on a date with a Brazilian girl make sure you dress well. You should know that in Brazil, girls are always turned towards their bodies. She does her best to give him the best of herself:

1-She goes to the gym almost every day.

2-She waxes every two weeks.

3- Brazilian women always have pearly white teeth because they brush their heads at least three times.

4-She regularly buys new clothes and shoes.

5-next to the fact that she will spend two to three hours putting on make-up to be absolutely perfect for her date.

So she expects you to do the same and dress well.


Before you meet a girl you have to shower and smell good.

1-Wear clean clothes even if they don’t care if you wear high-priced clothes.

2- You should smell good because the Brazilian woman will like to feel your fresh body.

Now let’s talk about the part of the date you need to impress it:

Most men don’t know what to say during a date, but this is your chance to show him what is different between you and Brazilian men.

Some advice and tips:

1-Show her how much she interests you.

2-Talk about your work and how you want it in the future.

3-Don’t make sexual remarks, unless it is she who begins.

4-Don’t talk too much about your exes.

5- Make sure you make her feel the only one on your mind.

6- It is better not to speak of religion, most Brazilian women are religious.

7-Show him how much you care about your family and how important it is to you because it is the same for Brazilian women.


Usually, the only thing that you get on your first date is a kiss and go further than that. but don’t worry She will let you know. Brazilian women are very clear about what they want. During your date, she’ll give you plenty of hints.