Things to buy in Japan

When you travel to Japan, you have to go on a shopping spree. But be careful, you will buy a lot of items more than you have planned to buy them. Here is a list of products that you will love them sure and you will buy it during your trip to Japan.

1-Wagashi candies:

This candy is very moist, you will eat a lot of quantity, you will fall in love with it. Share it with your family when you go back home or keep it for you as memory.

2-Japanese Makeup and Hair Products:

Cosmetics what to buy in japan-min

The beauty products in Japan are the best, you will find all you want. Japan’s skin and hair products are ranked the best in the world. You can visit the shops who sell these products in Tokyo.

3-Sensu Folding Fans:

Sensu-Japanese folding hand fans are very old accessories, they are also used in wars, these accessories have a duration of thousands of can buy modern Sensu in any place in Japan, this accessory will be used as a decoration or hand tool.

4-Japanese knives:

japanese knives what to buy in japan-min (1)

Foodies who decend on Japan know that the country is home to some of the best cookware in the world, especially knives. Though they’re kinda very pricey, every chef (professional or amateur) should have a Japanese blade in their knife block. Talk to one of our local Japanese trip planners about the best places to find affordable knives.

5-Kendama toys:

Kendama what to buy in japan-min

During your trip to Japan, you will think about buying games for your children, the game Kendama is an old game that has a part in the Japanese cuture, it is similar to the game You-You you will like it 100%.

6-Unique Japanese Instruments:

japanese instruments what to buy in japan-min

If you are a fan of music, you will find in Japan traditional instruments from Biwa to Koto. these instruments will provide a soft and beautiful environment, you can buy these instruments in any place.


sake japanese destinations food in japan-min

Sake is a quintessential part of the Japanese travel experience. Buying a bottle—whether a fancier one in a sake brewery or just at the airport on your way home—is something you’re going to want to do.