The Top 6 Craziest People In History

‘Why so serious?’ is a quote from the famous villain ‘joker’ of the world-famous Batman franchise. This quote is something that all of us must have related to in at least one point in life. We are tiny beings on this tiny planet that is floating in the middle of nothingness and infiniteness. For all we know, this universe may be an alien kid’s science project that he has kept in a jar on his shelf. Is it justified to be so serious about our lives all the time?

Maybe life is indeed difficult and sometimes we may find it difficult to keep our sanity intact. However, we don’t have to have it together all the time. Being slightly crazy is only human and guess what? It’s fun. This article is about a few of the craziest people in the world and how they are a testimony to the fact that being crazy isn’t always a bad thing, or maybe it is? Read on to find out.

1. Long hair? Don’t care

Vietnamese herbalist Tran Van Hay is believed to not have had a haircut for 50 years. He hardly washed his hair and when he did, he did it once in about 10years. He was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of world records and holds this title to this day.

2. The Real Mr. Freeze

Wim Hof, a Dutch adventurer, and a world record holder once submerged himself in freezing water for a span of 52 minutes. The cold usually constricts our veins and makes it difficult for blood to flow. To be in freezing temperatures for this long is both extraordinary and life-threatening. So visit the Wim Hof YouTube channel.

3. Put your hands up in the air!

Sadhu Amar Bharati had raised his hands first in 1973 to praise the Indian deity Lord Shiva. He hasn’t put down his had ever since.

4. Say no to joint pain

Eileen Brown, an English woman from London has almost all her joints surgically removed except a few that helps her do basic activities.

5. The incredible hulk

Romario DosSantos Alves, a Brazilian bodybuilder was such a big fan of the Marvel superhero Hulk that he put his life on the line to look like him. After injecting himself with chemicals and surgically adding or removing muscle, he does indeed look like a real-life hulk. However, this step earned him a lot of critique with people even going as far as calling him a monster.

6. A real metal head

Gino Martino, a professional wrestler never fails to amaze his audience by smashing things with his skull.

These are few of the craziest people in the world that leave us in awe and wonder. The human race is indeed a mysterious one. The moment we stop and think that the human race has reached its ultimate level, another human comes up to prove us wrong. This craziness is what keeps us on our toes; waiting for a newer discovery that might change humanity forever. Conclusively, it may be said that craziness is a part of the human being’s creative personality and should never be suppressed.