The Negative Effects Of Zoos On Animals

The zoo is the favorite place for children who like to see animals of all kinds: tigers, lions, elephants, and even crocodiles, it must be believed that it is a great experience that parents like to give their children to live to make them pleased. Unfortunately, be aware that the animals you saw during these visits did not have the same feeling of pleasure as you did. in these moments these animate even if they do not show it feel great pain, you should know that they are also living beings who feel feelings, come from pain, grief and even joy, however, it is very likely that the only feeling that feels it at this time is sadness, here is why it may be time to reassess this belief. It turns out that zoos have an extremely negative effect on the animals they are supposed to protect. And while zoo advocates argue that endangered species are protected by zoos, there is still a cage for these poor animals.

Lack of Laws 

Unfortunately, you should know that in most countries, there are no laws to protect animals in captivity. The truth is that in far too many countries there are no such laws. In some cases, countries have no laws to protect animals in captivity; be aware that although the United States requires licenses for animal exhibitors, the application process is far too liberal. however, in most states, almost anyone can have a wild animal on their property without any problem. instead, they end up in a dwelling house, locked in a cage even smaller than a zoo, where he can’t even go outside to get some fresh air. The only stipulation for animal exhibitors is that animals must be fed, Despite overwhelming evidence suggesting a negative impact on a confined environment, cage space regulation only requires that animals have enough space to get up, lie down, turn around and move around a bit. in other words, it means that even the most ferocious animals that need a large space or move around are just fun and a means of entertainment for people.


In countries where we don’t give much importance to animals, there are zoo, unfortunately, which let the animals die at the end or if they are injured, they don’t give them any care until death comes carrying, among these cases, we find a horrific case of mistreatment took place in China, with animal rights activists recounting cases of live fighting of monkeys, bears forced to walk on tightropes and lions who were beaten in order to jump through flaming hoops. Know that an internal examination in China revealed that in just three months according to them, they have found more than 50 zoos that have been documented abusing their animals in the zoo. you should know that the aggressive and scandalous behavior, of course, continued after the death of the poor animals, and this is explained since it was found that many zoos sold rare dead animals to food establishments for an additional income. a rather dishonest act, these animals suffered from any kind of harassment.


You should know that in the beginning, the first objective of the zoo was that it protected endangered species and allowed them to reproduce in a safe environment before being returned to the wild. unfortunately, as time goes by we reveal a whole different truth. The truth is that most animals confined to zoos are not in danger. moreover, be aware that animals born in captivity have a low chance of survival if they are released into the wild. most zoos have no plans to release baby animals and wild relatives that happen to them. Zoos are businesses and what drives business is new products. The arrival of a baby chimpanzee or small brings customers, and as that the owners have a lot of money, it became a means of trade. Here is why, If we want to take seriously the protection of the endangered species, it must first be protected in the wild. Studies have shown that without conservation in the wild there is no point in captive breeding. If we are serious about protecting animals, let’s start with their natural habitats and offer them a comfortable way of life.