The 4 Most Famous Japanese Swordsmiths

Japan is renowned for its traditions and they are reputed by their Japanese blacksmiths who have helped Japan throughout history; they created swords which played an important role in the history of Japan. know that The Japanese sword is very revered in Japan and considers it a sacred object. it has a long history which has always been admired and continues to fascinate people all over the world and not only in Japan. know that Before the modern weapons that we know now, from guns to tanks and bombs, there was a time when swords were one of the main weapons to have witnessed the different battles that shaped our history. Among the countries that have used the sword, there is Japan, they have perfected and manufactured thousands of swords, trying each time to make them stronger than before or at least to ensure that they will also be solid or as unique as their previous creations. It is therefore quite interesting to know some of the notable Japanese blacksmiths who have never lived, it is the country where the samurai spirit is born.

Cursed Samurai Swords

Muramasa Sengo is one of the most famous blacksmiths and the most appreciated by the Japanese, he has a legendary history of the Muromachi period between the 14th and the 16th century, Although his works are very appreciated because of their quality, there has had a tradition that his works are cursed of course. this hypothesis is concluded by People who said that it may be due to Muramasa’s behavior in person, know that there have been many stories about how Muramasa was going to rage and show his temper, something which is also supposed affect his works by the energy he would have. but there is Another reason which could be due to the unfortunate events which occurred for the people who returned his sword, like for example the Tokugawa clan. it was he who founded the Muramasa school which continued his trade as a sword maker, he was a living legend in Japan.

 Chennai Emura in Okayama Prison

Chennai Emura also called Emura Shigetato, this man was the head of the prison in Okayama in Japan. His known name is due to his manufacture of swords during the second world war, Emura intended to support Japan during the war for this he operated a sword-making school at Okayama prison and also helped train prisoners to make very useful sword blades. Although he is not a professional blacksmith, of course, his works turned out to be good and of high quality which he signed under his family name Emura very known in Japan. know that Emura worked in the Bizen tradition, the motif of the blade is generally in such or choji-midare Until 1942, the hardening of swords at Okayama prison was carried out by Emura himself. His masterpieces are even pursued by collectors and students until today, it is the men who have marked Japan and even the world by his talent.

Amazon swordsmith

The katana, an object sold by the Japanese who considers it an object of value, know that Amakuni is the first Japanese blacksmith who designed the curved katana with only one edge. unfortunately, there is little known information recorded in history, if we believe who is written, Amakuni worked for the emperor, creating swords for his army. Legends say Amakuni created curved swords on one edge after the emperor arrived with half of his armies with broken swords and ignoring him, making him feel disappointed and ashamed of what happened to his creation. the thing which obliges Amakuni to design a sword which can resist and support battles and he swore to create a sword which can resist a battle without breaking and being on the height of his renown, Amakuni was a very gifted and very ambitious man

Hikoshirō Sadamune 

Another very famous blacksmith, Hikoshirō Sagami Kuni Sadamune, this man lived 51 years, he was a blacksmith of the Sōshū school. His craft is considered one of the best Japanese swords and blades ever forged. to give you an overview, the work of this man rivals the work of Masamune himself. he was undoubtedly one of the best blacksmiths of his time. know that Sadamune was the son by blood or the adoption of Masamune, Masamune is acclaimed to be the most eminent and competent blacksmith there is, know also that Sadamune was the most brilliant pupil of his master. After completing his training, he received the name “mun” from Masamune.

In fact, All Sadamune blades are true works of art of exceptional quality and this is well known of course. His most famous creation is perhaps the “rope cutter”, it must be admitted that this blacksmith is one of the famous Japanese blacksmiths who let their name engrave in the history not only because of his work. But also because of his influence on all the following generations of blacksmiths who have followed in his footsteps and we feel their own style inspired by the masterpiece of this man