Top 10 Most Famous Archers of All Time

Archery is an important skill that human beings must-have for many centuries and still possesses, it is rather difficult to control and a bow and to shoot well but many people arrived there thanks to the training they followed. and especially that over time and progress, humanity has improved archery from what it was hundreds of years ago. it has become a means of hunting, and a means of entertainment, let’s see some of those archers.

Robin Hood

Who doesn’t know who Robin is? he dreams that robin hood is one of the known archers, he was a legendary and famous English archer in the 12th century. He is a heroic outlaw who steals from the rich and gives to the poor his story to mark the world of cinema. So many movies and TV shows have been produced about him over the years. But the best films are the one where Russell Crowe played Robin Hood and the one Kevin Costner played Robin Hood of course. Be aware that Robin is also a common symbol that uses a traditional English longbow, which is approximately 6 feet long, a fascinating figure.

Horace A. Ford

ford is an archer considered to be the greatest archer of all time and one of the best known. He picked up his first bow in 1845. After four years, he won the Grand National Archery Meeting in the United Kingdom. His double York Round record in 1857 remained the highest score in archery for more than 70 years. moreover, He also wrote a book on archery, he was a very gifted and very intelligent man.

Genghis Kahn’s Mongolian Army

This time it is different, seeing that it is not a single person, but rather a list of the army of Genghis Kahn. They did not use a specific type of bow. But they had a special screaming arrow that creates a scary sound to disorient the enemy army and cause panic, they had a rather brilliant style that made them unique. the Mongolian army had several weapons transported and was considered a frightening weapon on the battlefield, all thanks to the famous Mongolian archers. who never missed anyone and always hit their targets. There are even some who claim that Mongolian archers could hit their targets more than 400 meters away, according to the storybooks.


As for Apollo, he ‘was the son of Zeus also called the god of the sun, light, knowledge, medicine, plague, and art and well known for his skills in shooting ‘bow. born in Greece. Besides, he had a golden bow. According to a certain legend, Zeus even used arrows infected with plague to destroy the enemy army during the Trojan War, he was a terrifying warrior.


In Greek mythology, Eros is considered a god of love and attraction. moreover, know that Eros is represented by many artists with his bow and arrows of course. Which makes him one of the most famous archers in the world. It was a common belief that he randomly shot an arrow of love at people and made them fall in love, Eros is one of the most famous archers in the story.


most of the time we meet male archers, it is really rare to see female archers, moreover, Archery seems to have always been a male sport. but this time. A formidable female archer like Skaði have each made an indelible mark on history and made the exception that confirms the rule. In Nordic mythology, Skaði ended up marrying the god Odin. Skaði is a goddess associated with archery, archery, winter, and mountains. Her passion for archery was a trait she inherited from her father, of course, she was one of the most talented archers.


You should know that Abhimanyu is a historical figure from the ancient Indian epic of the Mahabharata. Abhimanyu was a son of the moon god Chandra. moreover, He belonged to the family of Pandavas. His mother Draupadi loved him more than all his brothers. Abhimanyu learned archery from Lord Krishna and was an unbeatable archer of his time, one of the best of his time.

Know that during the Kurukshetra war, he had to face the best archer and warrior of the Bhishma era from the first day of the war. They had a long duel with bows and arrows but ultimately, Bhishma was wounded by Abhimanyu’s arrows. The legendary Abhimanyu broke the bow of Bhishma and then they started the sword. Bhishma failed to defeat Abhimanyu, a most remarkable character


Now passing to another famous archer, Drona, know that Drona is a character from the ancient Indian epic of the Mahabharata. he has many other names, for example, Dronacharya, Guru Drona, Rajaguru Devadrona. Drona was a master of celestial weapons astras, all these nicknames show the splendor of this archer. know that Drona practiced archery in the gurukul of Rishi Bharadwaja. and Later, he started his own school in Hastinapur and was the tutor of many kings of the Pandavas and the Kauravas. very interesting, he had an invulnerable sword of Lord Brahma, he is a creator god in Hinduism. The sword was called Asi and it was said that whoever held it won an absolute victory. In the Kurukshetra War, he was forced to fight for the army of Kauravas because he was a servant in Hastinapur. He had to fight against his Pandava students and he fought faithfully and killed many Pandavas. He even killed Virat the king of the kingdom of Matsya with an arrow and also his dear friend Drupada with a sword, he was unbeatable but unfortunately, Drona was killed by a trap. Pandavas killed an elephant named “Ashwatthama” who was also Drona’s son and told him that his son had been killed. Drona could not bear the grief of the news and sat down with his arms down and it was The Commander of the Pandava army Dhrishtadyumna who cut off the head of the Drona and put an end to his glorious days.