The 12 Most Wish-Listed Destinations of 2020

Are you preparing on your wishlist or not yet? probably you will prepare it a week before your trip or you have already prepared your wishlist for 2019 and you plan for 2020! While my 2019 plans are not yet totally set in stone, here are top places topping my wishlist.

Trip Number 1 – Europe

I plan to travel to Europe in April and May next year, our trip will last 6 weeks. I will visit Bavaria in Germany, and if I found the time I wish to visit other countries.


I will take a plane to Brussels, and I will stay for 3 days. It seems Brussels has changed totally in the last years and has reinvented itself for the tourist market. I have the desire to visit the traditional old towns in which I will enjoy the delicious food and beer, and of course, I will taste some Belgian chocolate during my visit.


Luxembourg is between Brussels and Mainz, so when I go to Germany by train, I will stop and take one day to visit this country. I wish to rent a car and to amuse by the beautiful nature, I heard that Luxembourg has an artificial beach, I will swim on this beach so see how this land-locked country enjoys the sun.


Despite that, I will exceed my budget, but I have the desire to spend some time here admiring the beautiful Swiss Alps and lakes. I was blown away by this scene in Austria this past year and I am actually looking forward to this part of the trip.

I have seen a lot of mountains, that’s why I want to stay here and with the existence of small villages, it seems like paradise. I have not decided yet where I will stay but probably in Interlaken or Lucerne, give me your suggestions in comments.


I wonder if the citizens of this country have a distinct identity or if they blend naturally with their neighboring countries. I am very excited and I aim to see the landscapes, the pleasant castles, and some lovely hikes.


Our trip to Europe will end with this country. Last year, we were here, but unfortunately, our visa had expired and we stopped our trip here, but this time I do not want to lose this opportunity and I aim to stay 2 days here and see Lake Bled.

Germany and Austria are included in our list. Mainz, Black Forest, Fussen and Munich on the list for Germany. We plan when we come to Austria to visit Salzburg, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, and Hallstatt.

Trip Number 2 – North America

In September, I am aiming to visit the North America countries, but this plan may change due to several constraints. But these countries will stay on my list.


I want to visit my son, that’s why I included this country in my list and I want to explore the southwest of Canada while I am there. Vancouver among our targets in Canada, I want to walk several kilometers without my car. I heard that Victoria is so nice, I like to see some of the beautiful places in that part of Canada.


I will do my first Alaskan cruise in the USA and this is the first time I will be in the USA, when I will finish the cruise I will return to my daughter and spend a few days with his.

Other Countries I’d Love to visit

New Zealand

New Zealand is always in my head for 3 years, I like to revisit this country, I will see if the plane ticket is not expensive then I will visit this country 100%. I’m planning for next trips but it will depend on the time of year.

I’m so excited and I want to walk the Milford Track. This for me is a summer activity and I would love to go there between November and March to do that.I’m hoping to spend some time with my friends to explore Christchurch and Wellington.


This is not the first time I will be in Malaysia, I have been there with my daughter, I would love to visit Borneo. This is an unspoiled jungle and it can disappear in the future. There are sanctuaries to protect turtles, bat caves. I heard about the Kinabatangan River, it’s an amazing river and I’d like to float down Kinabatangan River and visit the thick jungle.


I visited Vietnam so many times, but I feel there are more things to discover in this country. The food is enough to make me repeat another trip there,
every time I travel I visit I find more things I want to do and experience.
Hanoi one of the amazing places there, but still feel like there is more for me there. I’m’ feeling comfortable to repeat this experience.

In last year, I and my daughter did a day walking to Paradise Cave in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and that brief visit has made me realize that I should visit the DMZ area of central Vietnam. I would love to visit the popular tourist areas of Dalat and Nha Trang. Maybe can be not a place that I love to check it, but I love to have a quick visit to decide that for myself.


All my previous wish lists include Iran. We tried to fit it into our itinerary in the last year but we couldn’t make it happen. It’s still more difficult to travel to it, and I would love to get there before it becomes too popular. The visa for Australians to go to Iran is very expensive it will cost m €145 each ($225AUD) so when we do go we want to profit and spend a lot of time there. We know all that Iran has a big history, and I just like middle Eastern culture and food, so a visit to there will be unforgettable.

All these countries are togging my 2019 schedule. It will be amazing to check at the end of the year and see how many of these countries I did actually visit.

So guys, What are your 2019 wishlist? Let me know in the comments and let’s discuss.