4 Serial Killers with birthdays in November

There are many people who think that stars determine our personalities, well, even if it’s hard to believe there is a particular month of the year that can influence someone to become a serial killer. Whether it is the alignment of the stars or a simple coincidence, there is a month which seems to be the month of birth of several serial killers, the month of November seems to have the right conditions to favor the serial killers. in this article, we will see some of the murderers born this month and their vile crimes they committed such as :

Rosemary West

Rosemary West, This British-born serial killer committed murders with her husband. know Fred West killed 10 young people including their own children this may seem inhuman to you. Aside from Fred’s daughter, Charmaine, and her own daughter, Heather, West, and her husband often picked up the girls from the bus stations and sequestered them in their house for days before killing them. You should know that information has been requested about her fate and West has told friends and others that she has left for work. Fortunately, Rosemary was arrested in 1997 for cruelty to children. Her other daughter did not testify and the case was closed in 1993. In 1995, she was finally found guilty by a jury on 10 counts. The judge sentenced her to life in prison. just for your information, know that Rosemary West was the second British woman to have been convicted, she committed atrocious crimes, but now she is out of harm’s way.

Denis Nilsen

Denis Nilsen, another British, This serial killer had massacred 15 or more men. what is surprising is that they also Born on November 23, 1945, this killer committed his murders in London, England. He was given a name, he was nicknamed “the murderer of Muswell Hill” and his horrible means include the use of corpses for sexual acts, he had very bad impulses. He was caught after getting rid of the human remains he had savagely dismembered, thanks to the cleaning company who found the carnage and then contacted the police who came a few minutes later. You should know that His murder victims were generally students or homeless people he met and invited to his home. He strangled and drowned these men during the evening and woke up without remembering the crime. He eliminated these bodies using the butchering techniques taught in the army, he was very careful during his execution.

Know that before moving into his apartment in London, Denis Nilson owned a house where he burned human remains. In 1981, when the murders increased considerably, he was forced to throw away the corpses and used suitcases for storage and plastic bags hidden under the boards. He used to spray his apartment several times a day to keep the smell at bay. unfortunately for him in 1983 he was captured on suspicion of multiple murders. as regards his condemnation, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for all the crimes which committed it.

David Parker Ray

Another criminal did not find one. David Parker Ray also called “The Toy Box Killer” born November 6, 1939, was an American who committed his murders in New Mexico. his death has been counted at more than 60 homicides. these victims were all women and their bodies were never found. his women were all imprisoned in an artisanal torture chamber with tools such as pliers, whips and saws, horrible forms of torture which made their victims suffer. that’s not all, this criminal also had accomplices that they helped him in his terror by accomplices. a recorded audio cassette In his torture room was broadcast when the victims were conscious, diagrams drawn by David show different ways of inflicting pain and also an electrical device. One victim managed to escape after being captured for three days. her name was Cynthia Vigil, she waited for him to go to work and took the keys of his chains from Ray’s accomplice, Cindy Hendy. Hendy tried to prevent his escape. The two fought and Vigil was the winner. something that caused his arrest, David Parker Ray was sentenced to 224 years and convicted of numerous offenses such as the abduction and sexual torture of three young women. after eight months behind bars, David died of a heart attack.

Carl Eugene Watts

Carl Eugene Watts, nothing proves it but there are suspicions that carl killed his first victim before the age of 15, however, what is certain is that it is at 20 years that the serial killer Carl Eugene Watts takes action. watts were subject to torture and the killing of fantasies like most of the series. he also had a nickname: “The Early Morning Slasher”, he used to attack women, his victims were young girls aged 14 to 44 years. Watts used various methods of killing, such as stabbing, drowning, batons, and strangling. Watts has generally killed women by removing them from their homes. Between 1974 and 1982, he murdered many women. The reason he was not discovered is that he perpetrated his violence in several jurisdictions in addition to Texas. Even if DNA tests were available, bizarrely carl never sexually assaulted its victims. unfortunately for him, he was arrested while he wanted to break into the house of two young women. He also resided in Michigan in early 1981 and was charged with the murder of at least 10 women and girls. Prosecutors decide to plead guilty for lack of evidence. He confessed to more than 12 murders and 40 more murders and it seems that there were 80 victims, a very large number. He was finally convicted and sentenced to life in prison on the 7th in 2004, Carl is considered to be the most dangerous criminal ever to exist.