7 Most Interesting Facts about Pirates

Between the years 1700 and 1725, the world experienced a great wave of piracy, or what is called the “golden age of piracy”. Meanwhile, thousands of men and women have turned to piracy for a living by attacking merchant and other vessels. It is known as the “golden age” because the conditions were perfect for pirates to thrive, and many people we associate with piracy, such as Blackbeard, “Calico Jack” or Roberts, were active during this period. the world at this time knew an upheaval of event. In this article, we will see facts about pirates that you may not know.

A Good Pirate Ship Had Good Officers

Most people think that all the pirate ships were full of thieves, killers. but know that A good ship was a well-managed machine, with officers and a clear division of labor. It is always the captain who decides where to go and when, and which enemy ships to attack, it is he who decides the best strategy to develop. He also had absolute command during the battle; there was also The Quartermaster, whose mission was to supervise the operations of the ship and divided the booty. cooper and navigator. you should know that the success of a pirate ship depended on the effective execution of these tasks by these men and the surveillance of the men under their command, of course, that’s how they processed.

 Women Pirates

It is rather difficult to believe but there were also pirates women who sailed in the same and who did the same thing as the men. It was extremely rare, but there were beautiful and many women carried a cutlass and a pistol and took to the sea. the famous t Anne Bonny and Mary Read are living proof, they sailed with “Calico Jack” Rackham in 1719. Bonny and Read dressed as men and would have fought as well their male counterparts. When Rackham and his crew were captured, Bonny and Read announced that they were both pregnant and thus avoided being hung with the others of course and well, in any case, there were women.

Not All Pirates Were Criminals

know that the pirates were not all criminals, it depended on your point of view. In wartime, nations often issued letters of mark and reprisal, which allowed ships to attack enemy ports and ships. most times, these ships kept the pillage or shared a part of it with the government which had issued the letter of course. These men were called privateers who worked under the authority of the government, These English never attacked English ships, ports or merchants and were considered as great heroes by ordinary people of England. The Spaniards still considered them pirates, in fact, not all pirates were necessarily criminals.

 Didn’t bury their treasure

There are many myths about pirates Although this is a huge part of the pirate myth, be aware that when a trip is over, all the loot is immediately shared among the crew and, of course, it ends up quickly in the pubs and brothels of the port in which they had landed. There are some notable exceptions, however, with Captain Kid being one of them, but for the most part, this was not a common practice. each had their own way of thinking.

Pirates were very clever 

Be aware that the pirates were rather brave, they did not enter a battle with a single ship. this is why so many precious ships have traveled with protection convoys. The deterrence provided by a convoy was generally effective. So much so that smaller unprotected ships would follow in the wake of larger convoys to benefit from the appearance of their protection and they have always had an intelligent way of thinking badly what most think about them.

The Caribbean is not the only place of pirates

Most people think that pirates limit themselves to the Caribbean and that while watching a certain film, for example, the pirates of the Caribbean play by the famous Johny Depp, it is true that the Caribbean was an ideal place for the pirates because there was little or no law, there were many uninhabited islands for hiding places and many merchant ships passed. however, the pirates of the golden age “did not only work there. Many crossed the ocean to organize raids off the west coast of Africa, including the legendary” Black Bart “. Others sailed to the Indian Ocean to take the shipping lanes of South Asia, the pirates felt free to sail on all the oceans of the world, they had no limits.

Pirates Came From All Social Classes

There are indeed many people who believe that the pirates were just uneducated thugs who took over the piracy for the purpose of earning a living. However, I am sorry to inform you that you are wrong, there are some of them who also came from higher social classes. Like the famous William Kidd who was a decorated sailor and a very rich man when he left in 1696 for a pirate hunting mission: he became a pirate soon after or also Major Stede Bonnet, who was a wealthy plantation owner in Barbados before he fitted a ship and became a pirate in 1717, it is true that most pirates have not received an education as a child, but this rule does not apply to everyone.