Most Interesting Facts About Ancient Sparta

Sparta, I’m sure you’ve heard this word before, know first that Sparta was one of the most important cities of ancient Greece, the history of Sparta continues to live among us until today and it has through history and the film that shows us everything you need to know about Sparta, especially the stories of its heroic warriors. However, the popular image of Sparta propagates a version of Sparta, our version of Sparta, and this is often quite distant from ancient sources and idealized. in this article, you will see some facts about Sparta.

Sparta was a hub of music and poetry 

It is very important to know that Sparta was not only famous for its soldiers of course, even if it may seem odd but Sparta was also famous for its music. know that many of the poets-musicians have traveled very far to work in Sparta. moreover, the legendary musician Terpander de Lesbos was part of the list of the credited of the establishment of the first musical competitions in Sparta. sure. without forgetting, Tyrtaeusqui composed political and military elegies which incited the Spartans to wage their war against the Messéniens.

You should know that The Spartans were very proud and defensive of their musical heritage that they supposedly prohibited all Helots from playing the works of Alcman and Terpander and forced them to sing low and baseless songs of course. Sparta has always been teeming with many musicians and poets who have engraved their names in history.

Sparta was a tourist destination 

As you know, when the Spartan army was unfortunately defeated by the Thebans at the battle of Leuctra, it changed and was no longer the same as before. you should know that the political independence of Sparta is called into question with the rise of Macedonia of course, of the League of Achaeans, then of Rome, moreover, know that the army of Sparta was never as strong as ” it was during the battles against the Persians and the Athenians in the 5th century BC. it was of exceptional strength, not to mention the fact that the Romans brought the myth of Sparta to a much wider audience, however, it is important to keep in mind that the Spartans were more than happy to please these cultural tourists with tales and shows of the ancient tradition. and that even if there were some of these traditions which were not so old.

The Spartans enslaved an entire population

Like everything that exists, there is always a good and a bad rating, as for The darkest aspect of Sparta’s success, you should know that was made possible by dehumanization, subjugation, and slavery of a whole people, notably the Helots, a population of Greeks living in Messenia a long time ago. know that The Helots: this Greek population was indeed agricultural slaves. well, the Spartans used them to work the land and provide food to benefit the spatial state of course. However, be aware that there was a constant fear that the Helots would resuscitate the Spartans and this is because the Helots outnumber them, this fear was always in the hearts of the Spartans. not forgetting the fact that the Spartans ritually waged war against the Helots and this every year, you should know that one of how this ritual war was manifested was the Krypteia. The Krypteia was a kind of Spartan secret police, of course, the Spartan state chooses young Spartan men known for their military potential and their prowess. the goal of these young elite soldiers was to hunt and kill the strongest of the Helots to intimidate them.

Spartan fought for the Egyptian Pharaoh

We pass another myth that accuses the people of Sparta of being xenophobic. well, this is true to a certain extent, it is easy to forget that Sparta was involved with people and places far from Greece. You should know that this story sheds light on one of Sparta’s most extraordinary international relations. moreover, it is important to know that king Agesilaus II who is also The brother of Cynisca spent his last days leading an army of mercenaries and that in a country which is none other than Egypt, know that after spending his early years proving himself as a highly-skilled military leader at around 80 years old, king Agesilaus II and brother of Cynisca was summoned by the pharaoh Nectanebo I and this in order to direct his Egyptian forces against the Persians because Egypt had been conquered by the Persians in 525 BC, Egypt then regained its independence without a problem. well, Agesilaus did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity to increase diplomatic and commercial relations with Egypt of course without forgetting the opportunity to fill the coffers of a Spartan state.