The Top 11 Most Expensive Gold Chains In The World

Gold, diamonds, rubies, and jade are what humans consider wealth and luxury. were precious prayers Found deep in the earth, and were considered to be of the greatest value that anyone can have. These precious stones symbolize wealth. and this is not new, in the past, jewelry was only owned by royal families or nobles, jewelry, diamonds, and all precious stones have immense monetary value, they sell at very high prices, of course, only the wealthy can have these precious stones. someone from a lower class cannot get it.

Gold chains are most of the time now worn by rap singer or the wealthy who want to give themselves a particular style, very famous rappers like to wear gold chains, like the famous singer drake, we will see these gold chains and their immense monetary value which cannot stop these people.

let’s start with drake: 


A chain that cost around $ 120,000 and contained pink sapphires with yellow diamonds, one of the most expensive pieces that a person can afford, it is a gold chain which has the shape of an owl, hence its name; One of the most expensive pieces that Drake has in his collection since it contains a beautiful 100-carat diamond. Made to measure in 2018, it was completed in six weeks, then transported by plane to the rapper’s house in a custom birdcage. We think it is more expensive than its previous owl pendant, it is a masterpiece specially created for the famous drake, we can see that there is a huge difference between its gold chain and the previous chain in the shape of an owl.


In the early 2000s, Cam’ron was a fan of shining things, which is why he knew he bought one of the most flamboyant gold chains of his time in the early 2000s. Containing 150 carats of diamonds, it is estimated to be $ 250,000. one of the jewels of this world, very expensive but not for Cam’ron who did not hesitate to buy this wonder.


All the Cuban link chains are made of real gold, no doubt, this is what gives them a considerable monetary value. Sizes range from 16 inches up to 44 inches in length. The Miami Cuban link chains are in yellow gold, white gold, and pink gold.

Cuban link chains are very expensive and few people can buy them, especially Cubans in pink gold, they are all solid and require 3 to 4 weeks of manufacture which shows how much they have value.


One of the wonders of the jewelry world, already seen by the famous rapper Kanye West who caught the attention of thousands of people who came to see him during the opening performance of the BET Awards in 2010. Horus also call the god Egyptian of the sky, the sun, and the moon – made of 24-carat yellow gold, $ 300 00 is the value of this jewelry that has attracted everyone’s attention


this yellow gold chain presents a globe in blue and white-colored diamond surrounded by the words “the world is yours” in yellow and pink precious stones, a very well-known chain that rappers would like to offer. like Soulja Boy who is known for being a jewelry fan, he spent millions on his jewelry collection, but “the world is yours” is by far the most expensive piece he has. this jewelry cost 500 000$, very expensive, but not for Soulja Boy.


It’s a chain like no other, Sean Kingston bought a pencil box that put it around, but not just anyone, a box of pencils with diamond studs, emerald and ruby in 2007. the singer’s sister shipped it to a jeweler in New York but would have ensured this jewel for only $ 500. He disappeared and was never found, but his value is estimated at $ 500,000.


Mike Jones’ ice age. This cold chain is made of white gold and has more than 100 carats of diamonds owned by Mike Jones who did not hesitate to spend $ 1,000,000, an exorbitant price but not for a celebrity like Mike Jones, unfortunately for him, in 2009, he woke up at his house to discover that he had been stolen by a friend! Fortunately, he was fully insured, so he was able to make a claim and not lose his $ 1,000,000.


Gucci Mane, the rapper who wore the TWIN PANTHER chain, this decadent chain in heavy gold contains a colossal 4,600 diamonds weighing 165 carats. there are 1,800 diamonds in the panthers alone, with 2,800 others making up the rest of the neckpiece, real jewelry. which costs $ 500,000.


This tie, which contains around 3756 diamonds, is made of yellow and white gold and weighs more than 5 pounds. In 2007, this chain was awarded the title of the largest diamond pendant in the world by Guinness World Records? very impressive, it costs $ 500,000, a price that shows its value, and which attracted the famous LIL JON.


Referring to his words “Call me Quavo Ratatouille” in his song Migos, “Bad and Boujee”, Quavo was seen sporting a Ratatouille pendant adorned with jewelry at 2017 MET Gala.


Now comes to the owner of the most expensive chain, as the name suggests this jewelry is in the hands of RICK ROSS who was created especially for him. His emblematic ties are an extravagant icy piece that propelled the competition to a whole new level in 2008. a gold chain that wears his face and that its value reaches $ 1,500,000, a very expensive piece of jewelry that RICK ROSS wears around his neck.