The 6 Most Expensive Boots In The World

Normally, the first reason why the shoes were made is of course to walk, however, there are some shoes which are made to look like wealth and which are designed for people in a specific way so that they distinguish it from other people and it comes at an exorbitant price, it all comes into what the fashion world calls, you have to know shoes are the kind of accessories that can put the name of a designer on the map. And even the strongest of us wonder if we are ready to say goodbye to sanity to buy a single shoe.

Be aware that quality designer shoes can break the bank quite easily, and in some cases, you don’t even need to buy more than one pair, let’s see the most expensive pair of shoes out there.

1-Gucci’s Woven Leather Boots

Most people like to buy clothes like celebrities and The problem with the most famous designer brands in the world is that they become so popular with the richest people that they are instantly the target of counterfeits. and that’s when they start earning full, seeing that they can sell you an imitation of the original at the same price when they see how much you want this pair of shoes and ready to pay the price. here is a nice and delicious pair of braided leather boots. which is worth around $ 4,000, very expensive, isn’t it? Well, it is expensive simply because it is one of a kind, you will not find anything of this kind sold opposite. We all know that when it comes to exclusivity, price tags tend to go higher than the sky and this and very common, they are very expensive.

2-Manolo Blahnik Black Alligator Boots

I’m sure when you think of Manolo Blahnik, you tend to automatically remember all of the gorgeous stilettos that your favorite buddies loved to wear on “Sex And The City” of course. and especially Carrie, as already mentioned. The brand’s shoes are elegant and fun, the mix of poles for all accessories, and they are also very expensive.

And it was Blahnik who decided to try his luck with boot design, and we couldn’t be happier that he offered this stylish pair of well-known black alligator boots. They are so exclusive and sought after that the brand went above and beyond with its already heavy price tags. Its price rises to $ 14,000, a price out of the door for middle-class people of course.

3-Gucci’s Horsebit Chain Boots

Gucci is one of the famous brands of clothes known all over the world, its name is always associated instantly with the opulence, style, elegance and the million dollars it earns.

But that, of course, does not prevent celebrities and the wealthy of the world from buying the shoes and clothes they want, especially compared to some of the items we have listed here, it is still much more than an ordinary mortal could afford to spend on boots. These beauties are part of this year’s collection and represent a modern version of the 18th-century style. $ 2,890 is the price of this Gucci miracle.

4-Louis Vuitton’s Vienna Minimalisa High Boots

You should know that although we are on the theme of exclusivity, there is no better example of this than this pair of Vienna Minimalisa boots from the famous Louis Vuitton. The brand is already a staple in the world of haute couture, some of their most expensive items selling for thousands and thousands of dollars, the price of these boots, for example, goes up to $ 4,500, it is mainly because this pair of boots is made of first quality ostrich leather, hand-sewn by the most qualified craftsmen in the world, which explains its price. Such a complex piece is generally not produced in bulk, and the Vienna edition is no exception. There is a very limited number of pairs available, hence the price of $ 4500, a price which for some very affordable person is they can afford a pair like that.

5-Spiky Red Christian Louboutin Boots

It is obvious that there are many brands of quality in the world and among these brands they have an ace that stands out, Christian Louboutin is, of course, part of this category, it is another brand that comes to mind when you think of high-end and quality shoes. these sparkling and iconic red soles are one of those marketing details that have successfully propelled the brand into almost instant fame. So much so, even the famous rapper Cardi B presented a line about them on his single Bodak Yellow, something that made their popularity rise.

Even nowadays and at this moment, these spiky red Christian Louboutin boots are among the most expensive pairs that the brand has ever launched. They were at auction for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, organized by the auction house Sotheby’s and this may justify, considering that the price of this pair you see is not less than $ 30,000.

6-Howard H. Knight’s Cowboy Boots

Everyone knows how famous and expensive cowboy shoes are. and if we want to put a hypothesis on it, we can think that It is because they are often custom made and use very expensive materials, as was the case for Tres Outlaws. Anyway, another unique pair comes from well-known artist Howard H. Knight.

These shoes are for sure more than just shoes that are made to be worn, but in reality, they look more like a work of art than you would expect to see in a museum than something that you put on your feet. To bring these to life, Knight worked an insane amount of 800 hours. but this work has of course not been in vain since this boot has a price that represents its splendor, $ 106,000, a price that shows the value of this masterpiece.