10 Most Dangerous Activities

From sitting in your room watching television, to riding a roller coaster, we will look at a number of the very dangerous tasks on Earth. Some of them will be pretty strange for you, but that is mostly what humans do. For example, if someone  put you in the front of a lion, it’d be thinking, “What exactly the?!”

Mountain climbing

The difference between mountain climbing and solo climbing is safety equipment, but even mountain climbing is dangerous for the weakest people.

Scuba diving

People will think that scuba diving like swimming and there is no real risk in that but in fact, you can meet the sharks and be attacked by big fish, bite by animals one of the risks you can find during your trip to the sea.

Recreational Boating

CHICAGO, Ill. (Sept. 25)–Personnel from Coast Guard Station Calumet Harbor conducts boating safety patrols off of Chicago’s waterfront. U.S. COAST Guard PHOTO

Many people die during Recreational Boating. There are 3 reasons for that: bad captain, drinking while driving, and poor weather. People who love the sea can lose their lives, so be ready for that.

Big wave surfing

Surfing is a popular hobby in America, but I’m talking about waving up a big wave of 50 feet, this wave can crush you, in addition, water can be full of sharks. Many people lost their lives during a big wave surfing. Are you ready to surf?


You will jump out of a plane, and you will ski down a mountain and you will end up by using a parachute to reach the ground, this is funny and dangerous. The killer view worth this risk and a couple of injuries.


Have you tried climbing? This is rising so risky, there is no one can help you or safety equipment, you will climb the mountain, and if you slip, only God can save you from death.

Base Jumping

It’s simple, you will jump from a pole, and the ground isn’t far as you think. This is similar to skydiving, you can break yourself, you should be ready for any accident.


People get into a suit. After that, they jump off mountains, they pass rivers and valleys. What’s dangerous in this activity is turning in a wrong way can lead you to death, also you can hang off a tree, so no one can help you.

Bull Running

Have you tried running with a bull? Running with bulls is so dangerous if you get down while running the bulls can kill you, this activity so popular in Spain and Mexico, where people release bulls on roads.

Hang gliding

You fly on the sky, with a huge triangle, and your hands and feet direct you, this is why people call it Hang gliding, be ready, you can get down at any moment.