8 little known facts about black cats

The black cat is a fascinating being, the black cat is a domestic animal with black fur which can be a mixed or specific breed. Black cats with all black fur are slightly more common in male cats than in female cats, most of them have yellow eyes and this is due to their high content of melanin pigments, which makes cats very special.

There are a lot of fascinating facts about black cats that people don’t know, a very fascinating subject to talk about it. 

Black Cats makes You Lucky

be aware that cats can in some way increase your luck, whether on the financial side of the romantic side. The cat is as most people know, it was very revered by the Egyptians, it had, and still has considerable value, not only for the Egyptians but also in the whole world and especially the black cats seen that they carry luck.

Historically, it was common for sailors to bring black cats aboard ships to hunt mice or something else, but especially sailors thought that taking black cats aboard their ship would give them luck and a return. completely safe.

we often find families who have a black cat, especially adults, because they believe that their black cat will bring them luck and happiness in their life, and they too spend their time feeding, washing and taking care of their cat.

Change color 

The rays of the sun break down the pigment of the fur to reveal the underlying tabby stripes, your black cat is one of the breeds of cat that changes colors once it is exposed to the sun’s rays, one of the particularities very important, changing the color of your fur is not a gift for everyone, black cats are so special

Black cats resistance to disease 

Be aware that the genetic mutations that cause cats’ black coats can offer them some protection against disease and this has been confirmed by specialist researchers. black cats have a much higher resistance to disease than humans, a remarkable ability that makes them fascinating.

Many researchers and scientists have discovered that black cats fall ill with the same disease as humans, so with an idea in their minds how cats evolved to resist disease, researchers can also learn to prevent human diseases.

The Egyptian goddess has the head of a cat.

It is just obvious that the Egyptians are not only fans of cats. the Egyptians once came to the cats and regarded them as gods and goddesses, and they show this well in the movies or on the way to the pyramids and the sphynx cat.

Black cats can change their fur color

You should know that due to the solid black color of a cat, a long and intense exposure to the sun can cause the black pigments on the cat’s fur to decompose to reveal hidden stripes, something that is not beautiful to see. a black cat who undergoes intense exposure to the sun may change its fur color which approaches the color of the stripes

Pure black cats

a truth that will shock you, but, be aware that not all cats are black in nature, this is not a genetic question as most people might think, it is a combination of certain color which ended up having the black result and yellow eyes.

Black cats without refuge

there is a good majority of people who consider black cats as hostile, which makes them animals without refuge, most people who come to the refuge do not take the initiative to adopt a black cat and like that open the door to another person to give these cats a refuge where they can benefit and live.

moreover, just taking a picture of a black cat, you need special lighting and take it from a special angle to show all the beauty of the black cat and this is of course very difficult to perform. It is also preferable to take a photo when they are exposed to the sun, it will give them even more charm and will make the photo even better

despite all these qualities which the black cat has, black cats are always left in shelters than other colors. but then, over time and with some research, people start to be interested in black cats and know how special they are.

Associated with witches

few people know that black cats were considered devilish and satanic by puritan souls, this belief cost them to be hunted and beaten, but many women at that time took care of stray cats, they sheltered them, fed and cared for them. in the 17th century, Black cats were associated with witches. , during the infamous trials of Salem Witch, a bad reputation for them.

During these periods, these women were accused of witchcraft for all possible reasons. Since they were of particular importance to black cats unlike the others who are chased and beaten, these women were accused of witchcraft for many reasons and the benevolence towards black cats was one of these reasons.

At that time, they believed that black cats were working with witches to plot terrible acts of witchcraft that would harm people. he even had someone who believed that these witch women could turn him into a black cat.

Even today, the cat in a certain culture of the world is considered as a sign of witchcraft and bad luck, it is always associated with the supernatural phenomenon that does nothing good for the people, and no one can change that kind of thinking cause it was made by people in past.