What’s the difference between a Jetski and Waverunner?

Do you notice why we name things in several words? you have probably mentioned in a conversation to a Jet ski by Waverunner or Waverunner by Jet ski! And you think that is a similar thing. But in reality, there is a difference between them that most people do not know, during this article I will talk about the principles differences between Waverunner and Jet ski. So let’s start!

Jet ski is manufactured by the Kawasaki company and Waverunner is manufactured by the Yamaha company. They are actually the name of two different personal watercraft models.

Both brands are famous, they are known by the quality of the products they manufacture, If you just want to go on the water and go fast, the two will serve you. In addition, there are differences between the two that will help you choose the right product for you.

Jet ski History

Jet ski is a watercraft of the Kawasaki company. This company is Japanese, it produces motorcycles, sea equipment, aerospace, and defense equipment. Jet ski had great success, it increased the turnover of Kawasaki.

Before the name Jet Ski, Kawasaki called Jet Ski by Water Jet. The year 1972 saw the launch of the first Jetski, it was a great success product in the US.

The success of this product has created confusion, the majority of people mention to any watercraft product by jet ski, despite this confusion, the Jetski brand has remained strong.

Waverunner History

The product Waverunner is manufactured by the company Yamaha Motor, it is a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacture of motorcycles and boats. it was a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation before the division in 1955.

The year 1986 saw the appearance of the first Waverunner with a different name “Marine Jet 500T”. The Waverunner brand has remained a strong brand since the 1980s.

What does personal watercraft mean?

After the story of Jet Ski and Waverunner, it is necessary to know what is watercraft. The watercraft is a watercraft that the motorcyclist is sitting or standing. To leave things simple, you can call PWC by water motorcycle or a water scooter.

The first personal watercraft manufactured by the Europeans, they did not know a success before the 70s.

Not to forget, Honda and Seadoo are also companies that manufacture pwc, they have well known pwc, but Jet ski and Waverunner remain the leaders of the pwc market.

What PWC Is Right For You?

Now we know the difference between the two. Despite being similar, each buyer has his choice.

Before buying pwc, you must know something, you must define your need for pwc, in other words, do you need pwc to race or play? In this case, stand-up model are suitable for you, but if you need pwc to make trips with tourists, sit-down models are suitable for you.

In terms of safety, Yamaha is very secure compared to the other models, it has rudder will help you to redirect the watercraft easily. Yamaha is a good choice for your children and your family.

In another sense, if you need speed, the Jet ski is the right choice for you, it is very fast.

Finally, the two brands are too strong, they are efficient and secure, so it remains your choice to decide which model you prefer: Jet ski or Waverunner? leave your choice in the comments.