Is Sphynx Breeding Profitable? THE ACTUAL TRUTH!

At first glimpse, the idea of breeding cats sounds lovely, and then selling them to make lots of money, everyone loves cats right? Well you’re in for a shock, because today we’re going to uncover the truth about cat breeding, specifically breeding Sphynx’s.

So, what does it cost? First you’re going to need a female Sphynx with no genetic issues and that is of the general breeding standards. This will set you back anywhere from £700-1000. Next, you’re going to need an un-neutered male ‘stud’. Un-neutered males will cost anywhere from £1000-2000, and a further £2000 for a ‘stud run’, that will allow you to keep the male separate from the female. Alternatively, you could hire a stud that will cost anywhere from £200-500.

Let’s assume you’re hiring a stud, you’ve going to be spending at the bare minimum £700 on a female, and £200 to hire a stud, which will add up to £900. Next, as a breeder, to make sure everything with your cats are fine, you have to pay for genetic testing which is typically £30, which puts you at £930. Next up is food costs, for a kitten it’s about £20 per month in food costs, and because kittens can’t usually leave their mothers before 12 weeks, you’ll be spending £60 per kitten on food.

Sphynx’s on average produce a litter of 4, meaning that you’re spending £240 in total for 4 kittens, adding up to £1170. Each cat needs a litter tray, and because litter for about 3 months costs roughly £120, you’ll spend £480 on litter, adding up to £1650. In addition, worming your kittens costs £10 per cat, and vaccinations are £40 per kitten; reputable breeders will have two sets of vaccinations completed before the kittens leave for their new home. Based off of this, it’s £40 for worming and £320 for vaccinations, which makes the total cost £2010.

A Sphynx kitten will usually sell for anywhere between £500-1500, but if you sell a litter of 4 for £1500 each, then you’ll make £6000, which equates to £3990 in profit. Overall, can it be profitable? Definitely, but it can be extremely hard at times, one vet bill from an unexpected issue could cause you to be in the negative, not to mention the price of damaged furniture.