How To Get Rid Of Creases In Leather Shoes

The shoes are made of a very fragile material, you have to be careful, But there is a technique for removing creases from leather shoes, few people wear leather shoes. Leather is not made to be ironed, excess heat can damage your shoe, but if your dress shoes or they are wrinkled, the heat can help relax wrinkles. Of course, there are also other methods to remove wrinkles from leather shoes, which we will see in this article.

First of all, you need to Test the shoe first to make sure it doesn’t change color or shape before applying the process to the entire shoe and causing some damage.

know that leather is like your skin, it will develop folds. coming out of the machine washed like you when you get out of the shower.

It is impossible to completely prevent your shoe from creasing, at least, You can prevent some from happening, and you can repair minor creases, it will surely help you.


The iron can be very useful to remove the creases from leather shoes, use the iron to remove the creases from leather shoes.

To achieve this, you will need a steam iron, cardboard inserts or newspaper to stuff the shoes and a bottle of water, these tools are adapted to the technique, now from How to eliminate wrinkle leather shoes with iron?

It may not be the best technique for avoiding wrinkling in leather dress shoes or fancy boots. Instructables offers tips for using an iron to remove creases from leather shoes. For this technique, you will need a steam iron, cardboard inserts or newspaper to stuff the shoes and a bottle of water, so, How do you remove the creases in leather shoes with iron?

Start by Folding and rolling the paper in the shape of your foot and fix them with adhesive tape so that they maintain their shape your foot then Wrap the paper in the shoes, after taking care of it, Remove the laces from the shoe to iron them more easily and avoid burning your laces.

Fill the iron with water and turn it on at a temperature of around 70 degrees, then saturate your toe area with water after placing a washcloth over the toe area of ​​the shoe, take the washcloth and iron it over the area where there are folds. The steam from the washcloth and the iron is used to stretch the leather and remove creases.

 Once finish removes the washcloths and let the shoes dry or in a particular place the shoe on a shoe tree for a few weeks, after having finished keeping them in a cool place to maintain their shape, this technique has advantages and defaults, unfortunately.

why is an advantage:

The humid heat stretches the leather and removes creases and the shoe keeps its shape.

why there are disadvantages:

 excessive heat can damage the cook.

Remove the laces.


Effectively removes creases, especially on sneakers.

The inconvenient:

It can work better than ironing on suede or nubuck.


The quality of a shoo-in no way means that your shoe will not wrinkle. you should know that leather can develop wrinkles and this due to many reasons, having a high-quality shoe can not change anything.

Leather can wrinkle if it is put wrong, of course. It can also show pressure marks when you leave something above for a long period.

Many shoes develop folds on the upper, in the area where the toes meet the foot, that’s why we have to focus on this area, we must always adjust these shoes well to avoid it crumbling. be aware when you have great good you suffer fewer creases than the person with small feet seen that when your shoe has plenty of space around your foot, your shoe will have more space to fold.

You should know that how the shoe is built also plays a key role, shoes made with only one piece of leather are more likely to develop wrinkles, unlike shoes made from several pieces of leather, they are the more resistant to the tension that your foot exerts on them because it is more effective.


in case you are suspicious of the heat of the iron for ironing your shoes, consider applying heat with a hairdryer or a heat gun, this can also be effective, since when you use this method of a hairdryer or heat gun, It works best when the leather is fully stretched and this method has an effect, be careful not to increase the size of the shoe since this will create more space around your foot and thus will cause more wrinkles, something you don’t want to happen.

there are effective methods for this kind of situation:

1-Hold a hairdryer or heat gun about 5 inches from the shoe while moving 2-it around constantly to prevent it from scorching and damaging your shoe.

3-Place the shoe on a shoe tree.

4-be careful, the moment When the leather is warm enough, continue to 5-rub the folds against the shaft of the shoe to restore it to its original shape and have no folds.

6-Massage the folds once you have finished everything.

7-Once the shoes have cooled, use shoe polish to restore their finish and condition the leather to remove creases.


 You should know that if you are a fan of shoes in leather and spend a lot of money on your shoes, it is normal that you would like it to remain in good condition and that they do not fold, and then you probably wear them often, keeping them bright gives you a professional and charming dimension, you will feel comfortable in your feet.

Of course, if you have followed the techniques already mentioned above, I am sure that you will take good care of your shoes and avoid any creases.