how to clean bird poop off

Bird poop is very difficult to clean and this is due not only to the fact that it is disgusting but also because it is very acidic and dry with lightning speed. What you have to do to clean the bird poop is to treat it on the spot before it dries, at first glance think that bird droppings cannot be that bad, but in fact, they can solidify on surfaces and cause damage. , the best thing to do is to immediately treat the stain and use the mildest method possible to make sure you remove everything and for this, there are numerous methods such as:

Clean a Carpet

Target the spot where the stain landed and using a warm, damp cloth, pass it to remove the stain. Because of the way the carpet and fabric coverings are made, much of the excrement builds up and hardens at the top of the fibers, making it easier to spot and helping you clean up the area better. Use pinch and pull movements with the damp cloth to soften the carpet or upholstery excrement, once this step is completed, spray a carpet cleaner. Depending on the type of surface you are cleaning and the materials it is made of, you will want to purchase a special cleaner that is guaranteed to work safely on that surface. Most standard carpet cleaners or all-purpose household cleaners will be good enough to work on any type of carpet, however you find these foaming furniture cleaners, it is not difficult that they are in n no matter which supermarket or pharmacy. Spray enough cleaner on-site to cover what’s left and leave nothing.

In case you don’t find this specialized carpet cleaner close at hand, you can mix a mild solution consisting of mild laundry detergent, vinegar, and warm water, that’s enough and makes up for what is missing.

Three minutes is the time required for the cleaner to start working on site. during this time the chemical compounds of the cleaner will start to eat away at the hardened stain, which will facilitate it’s wiping later, the weather is very important, you just need to rush the process.

  After that try to Wipe off all that remains, leave nothing, Use a damp washcloth to iron on the place. The anti-stain power of the cleaner combined with the force of rubbing with the hands is sufficient to remove the stain from your carpet or window. in case there are stains still having followed its instructions, you must repeat and spray the stain even more.

The secret is in your hand, you have to rub hard to leave nothing and make sure the stain will disappear.

After wiping off the stain, discard any gans you have used.

Cleaning Smooth Surfaces

Put a cloth soaked in hot water on the area affected by bird poop Place this warm damp cloth on the stain. this is where the cloth will play its role, you should know that a damp cloth is preferable to the direct application of lukewarm water on hardwood, be passionate and leave. the place soaks in the moisture of the fabric for a while.

 Once the bird droppings have softened, treat the area directly with a clean wood or car cleaner or the stain has landed. , an all-purpose cleaner should be perfect in case the smooth surface you are cleaning is vinyl or something similar, Spray or sponge just enough cleaner on the spot to cover it; avoid doing an excess of cleaner on unaffected areas of hardwood or paint this can cause some unwanted damage, A wax cleaner is what you need for washing cars. The washing and wax solutions are formulated to clean dirt, oil, and grime from cars and leave the topcoat of the paint with a waxed and effective shine at this time.

Treat capricious surfaces anneal that you buy particular cleaning products, in case you do not want or cannot afford to lose a lot of money, use a soft and natural wood polish for whipping with hot water, olive oil and lemon juice, in addition to dish soap diluted with lukewarm water is a basic but effective solution for cleaning the exterior of cars, you will see that you don’t have to empty your pockets to get a stain.

Cleaning Clothing

The case where the poop of birds landed on your shirt or your clothes, in general, is very common, to deal with it you need to mix a little mild laundry detergent in lukewarm and hot water. Pour a small amount of liquid laundry detergent into a container of warm water and let it spill in the water for a while. This will create a cleaning solution that you will use to directly treat the spot where the stain is located.

After cleaning come to the Rubbing of the stain. use a dish sponge that you will throw away after using it, you must carefully rub the area where the bird poop has landed to remove the stain. leave the stain damp and soapy by immersing the sponge in the washing solution. do not stop until the stain is completely gone, in case you are cleaning a delicate garment that you can damage when rubbing, use gentle, sweeping circular motions to soften the stain or use the soft side of the sponge.

If you use a sponge, do not forget to throw them out when finished.

And now comes the final step, once you have cleaned bird droppings, put the garment in the washing machine, Wash on medium or high heat, the best is to wash the garment alone or also with colors which are similar will not be a problem .. When the garment comes out of the dryer, you will see how much the instructions are important.