Super Simple Ways To Clean Your Sea Sponge

What is fascinating about sponges is that they are always seen in people’s eyes as a pure and clean thing, some wonder the secret of this cleanliness. There is a process to make them look so beautiful. and It is only at these moments that they are ready to be presented to the public and surprise them. There is, of course, a difference between the sea sponges and that of your bath, this difference is summarized at the moment when the sponge least resembles its splendid nature. it is full of marine debris, are tiny fragments of a shell that have a rather bad smell.

Be careful, Before buying a natural sea sponge, you should expect it to be covered with marine debris and smell of low tide. To get this result, many steps must be accomplished. Even when you finally own it, it is always recommended to continue to guarantee its durability by regularly disinfecting your sponge. The sponges you buy have undergone a rigorous process to ensure their pristine appearance and smell, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a personal touch. naturally with the bacterial growth and therefore with the odor but, it is always necessary to clean the sponge to be safe from everything.

 Large Scale

In trade there is what is called the breeding of commercial sea sponges, the sponges are subjected to a series of rigorous stages. Once harvested, they are left submerged in water or covered with damp burlap. this is to let them rot and therefore let all the organic matter that is there in his sponges die, Then the sea sponges are beaten, pressed and rubbed. As you can imagine, this step ensures the elimination of dead organic matter. This procedure is repeated several times until only the skeleton remains. We all know this part of the sponge, which is very soft and very absorbent, it is a very effective method.

In case you find a sea sponge

You may someday find a sea sponge while walking on the beach but this may not be immediately apparent. seeing that there will be plenty of marine debris, discolored and smelling like a sea creature. this one and very different than the one you are used to, to transform it into the sponge to which we are used, we will have to clean it thoroughly by following several steps which will be mentioned:

First and foremost, make sure that the sponge is not already rotten, you can check it by smelling it. It will smell similar to many other sea creatures you have known, and above all remember that the sea sponge is an animal like any other.

 After you know it hasn’t rotten, wrap it with paper towels to keep it moist. next, you are going to need a clear pitcher filled with tap water. Immerse and press while stirring the water. Replace the water and repeat this process until the water is as clear as possible of course, you should now let the sponge soak in clean tap water overnight. and after, The next day, it will be time to rinse the sponge, and do not forget to press it and disturb the water. Then place the sponge on a rack to dry for two or three days, Now take a tablespoon of laundry detergent and gently wash the sponge. You may notice some more debris. Now is the time for the last rinse after this procedure, remove it from the water and tighten it tightly to remove as much water as possible. Now is the time to place the sponge on a wire rack to dry it a second time. After a day or two, you are ready to enjoy your natural and clean sea sponge. of course.


 You should know that sea sponges are a central element of our oceans and our homes, are undoubtedly one of the rare best natural resources in the world. They are 100% natural and come from oceans that associate with life. in other words these sea sponges must undergo several procedures before being exposed to the pulp and its stages are similar, whether it is a commercial process or something that you do at home. The main difference is how to do it, once you understand how easy it becomes.

What is extraordinary is that the large-scale harvest allows the sea sponges to rot to let the living matter expire there. in case you decide to clean a natural sponge yourself, it is normal that you will not want a rotten sponge. You extract the microorganisms during the cleaning process is very important, Whenever you buy a natural sea sponge, be sure to run it under hot water before using it. Do not be surprised if you find a small amount of marine debris, this is completely normal. Your sea sponge will serve you well for months and even years thanks to the following procedures.

Keep your sponge clean

In general, natural sea sponges are naturally rigid. You should know that before trying to use your new sea sponge, you must rinse it with lukewarm water. You should expect to notice a little marine debris, coral or pieces of shells, this and yet likely, in terms of continuing to keep your natural sponge clean, you must, of course, drown it in a solution containing 1 tablespoon of baking soda for each cup of water, a thorough cleaning, baking soda also invigorates your sponge. and do this for about once or twice a week.

In addition to cleaning, baking soda also revitalizes the cellular structure of the sponge. This will make your sea sponge longer and look great, this method is very 100% effective.