5 Hottest Female Fitness Models

Sexy fitness beauties are not what is missing in our world, fashionable and fit fitness beauty constantly likes to show off their beautiful and fit bodies on social media for the whole world. they are not only beautiful but also inspiring.

In this article not only will we discover some of the sexiest bodies on the planet, but we will also have all the appropriate information regarding food, nutrition, and their daily routine that these girls maintain in their daily life to order in such form without forgetting all the high-intensity training and various exercises composed of the whole body which they do to succeed and maintain their form of dream.

It is certainly difficult to succeed in arriving at this level of physical fitness from these stars, they have proved that everything is possible in life, they are living proof. Let these women inspire you to get in shape healthily.

Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri is one of the most beautiful women in the world, her body is so special. She carries a lot of muscles in the upper and lower parts of her body, something difficult to gain by doing light intensity cardio exercises and pushups. Ana has her Instagram account on which she shares a lot of media, to inspire her fans to take seriously the improvement of their abs and the general appearance of their body and give them a reason to get up and take care of their to be fit. She has almost 9 million followers on her Instagram account.

Ana is a big fan of “Leg Day”, which you can see in her photos. She says “I’m a big leg day fan” and I always do the lower body. he has always been a fan of all that is a sport and likes to take care of his body in all circumstances, it is the symbol of inspiration that makes the 8.7 million followers 

Massy Arias

Massy Arias is a certified personal trainer who has enormous success on social networks, she has 2.1 million followers to be more precise. It is more than what some countries have as a population, it shows how inflatable this woman is on people and inspires lots of people.

Her diet is part of the creation of her dream body, She eats a variety of foods, looking at her Instagram photos you can see her almost perfect body with your eyes, she eats a kind of paleo diet, with lots of animal protein, combined with lots of leafy greens and rice. Eating healthy carbohydrates is very important if you want to have proper muscle gains. Massy Arias has also published photos of her consumption of mushroom salads and other similar foods, she makes sure to show the ens diet which must be followed in addition to training to have a body like her .

 Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott is one of the female weightlifters. This girl knows how to lift extreme weights like men, the weight does not scare her, she takes up the challenge, and her body is living proof, you can see by looking at her body. All her muscles are properly defined is the result of a laughing training that she follows, in fact, her back and side muscles are bigger than even some male athletes to give you an idea. Her Instagram currently has around 699,000 subscribers.

To improve your diet, Abbott gives you some tips to follow and some foods to avoid such as alcohol and processed foods. Other than that you can eat all the protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. When it comes to exercise, Abbott recommends short, high-intensity workouts that can easily melt your fat and improve your muscles. exercise exercises are also beneficial for your body, you must always train to keep in shape.

Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen is known for being a world renowned yoga teacher, a very yoga star who has 2.1 million followers, quite many people. She is excellent at her job and knows how to take pictures worthy of social media, this is why all these people follow her in the social networks, Rachel Brathen has another very particular type of fitness. She doesn’t like high intensity interval training as much as most other girls, she has created her style, which is what made her special.

Rachel claims to follow a mainly vegan diet, he drinks only milk and does not eat meat or eggs. She believes labeling you is just going to limit your choice and your future progress, which is not something you enjoy doing in health. She now eats a full diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, that’s what makes her body so sporty and healthy, it’s not hard training but it’s food organization.

Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez is a famous Canadian trainer, famous for several reasons. the most important is the advice to have an hourglass figure, its training sessions aim to offer girls the best ways to achieve an hourglass silhouette as quickly as possible and its scenance is effective, that’s why his account Instarame has more than 2 million followers, but first, what is an hourglass figure? An hourglass figure is when your hips and chest and back are larger in diameter than your belly and your love handles.

 Lyzabeth is about how to lose weight with a vegan diet like most advice. She claims that anyone can easily lose weight on a vegan diet, just by following her advice. Avoid any kind of short food that could disturb your diet like meat or eggs, eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, it’s difficult but you have to resist all the temptations, as well as get used to using dairy alternatives , because vegans are not allowed to eat any type of food of animal origin, it goes from the path to a body like that of Lyzabeth Lopez.