12 Funny Ways to Say “goodnight to a girl”

That butterfly feeling we get in our stomach when we start liking someone has got to be the most nerve-racking feeling ever! And as a guy, it all goes down to how you put your best foot forward! Of course, there’s the usual texting and calling when you are just getting to know each other.  

If you are still in that stage, you need to be able to show some of your humor as well. After all, women are known to absolutely love humorous men! So, when you’re just ending your texting or talking and saying your goodnights, how about some fun? Keep reading to find out some of the funny ways to say goodnight to a girl so she can sleep with a smile on her face!

1-May the snoring be with you


Derived from the famous Star Wars franchise character Obi-Wan Kenobi’s line, “May the Force be with you,” this phrase is as good as it gets! It implies that you wish her to sleep well while snoring! Humorous and hilarious at the same time, when you say this, you wish her a good night’s sleep while pulling her leg! 

2-Sleep well, sleepyhead! 


This is also another term you can use while saying goodnight. And honestly, aren’t we all sleepyheads? Playful and humorous, this term means that you know your girl well enough that she’s always sleepy or gets up late. And if she’s not one, then it gives her all the more reason to get back at you with another reply!

3-Nighty night 


Instead of the usual ‘goodnight,’ how about saying ‘nighty night’? Often told to children when putting them to sleep, this can also be interpreted as a playful term. Meaning, you think of her as your’ baby,’ and you want her to sleep well and have the sweetest of dreams!

4-Horrible dreams!


You know you don’t actually mean it when you wish her horrible dreams, and so does she! Playful and funny, this is another way of continuing the text or talk because you just can’t get enough of her as yet! How? When you say this, the girl is sure to laugh and hit you with a comeback! This way, you hit the bull’s eye and keep the conversation going! Smart!

 5-Rendezvous with pillow and bed!


This one has certainly got to be hilarious! You know your girl is tired and just can’t wait to hit the sack! And the pillow and bed are waiting for her! So, instead of the plain old boring goodnight, you can say this. This way, it will put her in a good mood and allow her to sleep well!

6-Hope you wake up again!


Again, this is another fun way of saying goodnight to a girl. It implies that you want her to wake up tomorrow, so you get to be with her again! Funnily romantic, this has got to keep your girl on the hook!

7-Don’t let the bed bugs bite


Although this is another traditional way of wishing sweet slumber to children, it can be humorous too! In definition, it means that you want her to sleep well without any disturbances by the bed bugs. For this, she would have to tighten her nightgown and tuck herself inside the blanket to keep the bugs at bay! So saying so will definitely crack her up!

8-See you in dreamland


Telling your girl that you will see her in dreamland is also another way of saying goodnight. Not only is it funny, but it’s romantic too! It indicates that you can’t wait to see her in your dreams. And what better way to be romantically humorous than to wish to see her in your dreams?

9-Time to hit the hay!


Idiomatically, this translates to going to bed, especially when you’re totally exhausted. So, when it’s time to say goodbye to her for the night, you can say try and say this. Not only is it funny, but it’s also a polite way of wishing goodnight to her!

10-Sleep tight!


Often accompanied by goodnight, who says wishing sleep tight can’t be hilarious? In a literal sense, it means you want her to sleep tight! Now that’s got to be funny, isn’t it? And if you’re using it for the first time on her, and she replies with another funny message, you can totally guess that she’s into you!

11-Let’s count sheep together


When people are unable to sleep, they are often advised to start counting sheep. This technique is supposed to calm the mind and help in falling asleep. If you were to say this to your girl, it could be an activity both of you can do together! It could also mean that she is constantly on your mind, hence the sleepless night. So, saying this goodnight message can be considered playing smart as well!

12-Wishing your night is as good as I am!


This one has got to be the best of the lot! When you say this to her, she is, no doubt, going to laugh out loud! Not only does it ooze of humor, but it allows you to show your potentiality. It will leave her wondering whether you are actually the kind of person you say you are or not! It might also lead to her wanting to get to know more about the real you! And that’s when you hit the jackpot! 


So, there you have it- the funniest ways to say goodnight to a girl, all explained! However, there are no hard and fast rules that you need to follow them to the T; there’s always room for improvisation. That being said, make sure that your words don’t end up offending her because trying too hard to be funny can also be a turn off for some. So go on and make it count. Good luck!