Fun Facts About Japanese anime

The word anime to be brief is an abbreviation of the word animation, In Japan, anime was produced by and for Japan, but now it’s almost impossible to meet people who have never seen or at least heard of anime, especially teens, but what’s horrible about anime is that there has no age limit, anyone of any age can find an anime that suits them, anime has become an international phenomenon, attracting millions of fans and translated into many languages, another thing that makes it special, anime shows, like books or movies, fall into several existing genres: comedy, drama, science fiction, adventure, horror and more. Is an anime a cartoon? this the question that makes Otaku (anime lovers ) mad, they prefer not to use the word ‘cartoon’ for Anime well, it a cartoon but just in a different word, Anime is, an abbreviated pronunciation of Animation in Japan.

 Is Anime Okay for kids?

First, you should know that anime is a world so vast in its subject, it is quite possible to find an anime intended for all age groups. but Some animes are specifically intended for young viewers such as the animated series Pokémon, Ranma 1 / 2, Kotoura-San, the forest of Miyori, and many others, while others are designed for a teenage and older audience like “Nanbaka”. Without forgetting that there are even animes intended for the public ages like the famous anime “Death Note”, “monster “, Tokyo ghoul, Code Geass, Naruto, One-Piece, and others.

Anime is one of the effective means that Japanese people use to reign their cultures and show it to many countries in the world, some tourists visit Japan especially to see the country where the anime was born, “Akihabara” – is the electric city for geeks and otaku, it is the dream place of all those who love anime, anime is one of the main reason behind the million tourists who come to visit their dream place.

 After all this information I bet you don’t know where you are or give it your head, I recommend you see death note, it’s a good start which will show you how different the anime is from “cartoon”. I am sure you knew at least one friend who loves anime, I am sure he will be delighted to tell you the anime that suits your category.

What’s make anime different and special?

For the otaku, it’s a question they can answer quickly, The anime is different from most American cartoons like “superman”, “Simpsons and” Spider-Man “, they are different from anime, mangas that appear in daily newspapers. These differences manifest themselves in many ways, such as the narration of works of art, the cultural nuances history use.

The style of narration of the Japanese seeks to show the Japanese culture, the ancient culture of the samurai, and this through their animes and manga, the Japanese are always attached to their ancestor and are not proud of their root, their animes and manga are masterpieces, proof of their competence in storytelling.

 Their anime often takes place over dozens and even hundreds of episodes. however, whatever the length of the anime, it does not lose an emotional implication of the viewer, the Japanese do not fear either the epic scenarios, for example, we find detective Conan who knew a real success, One-Piece which today reaches more than 920 episodes.

Each spectator has his anime style which reflects his style, as for the person who likes anime with intelligence, he leans towards death note, code geas, detective Conan, kanji. if not For fans of hard science fiction, the show “Planetes” would be perfect for you, comedy lovers will love “Fruits Basket” while fans of all that is horror Tokyo ghoul, party corpse, high school of the dead, there is all kind of anime and eats so that the person finds the anime that suits him.

Anime and manga are translated into many languages ​​so that the reader from any country in the world can benefit. there is much anime inspired by a true story and seeks to convey a message to the viewer, this is what makes anime so special, the anime immerses you in a world where everything is allowed and helps you to work on your neurons, and to think, to dream, and to have energy in life

Some even try to copy the style of the anime and are inspired by manga and anime to create films like for example death note, Netflix released the film inspired by the anime death note, a story they estimated that it will be a success.

History of anime 

Few people know the history of anime and manga, you should know that during the decade of the 1970s, manga experienced a drastic increase in popularity and many books were adapted into anime. The anime was widely accepted throughout Japan in the 1980s. Even if it is even less popular than the manga since the manga was released well before the appearance of the anime so it’s understandable. Many would say that the founding work of manga and anime is Akira, written by Katsuhiro Otomo and Izo Hashimoto. Akira is a long and epic science fiction story set in Tokyo that was reconstructed after a disaster.

In the year 1983, well known Captain Tsubasa made his appearance, and thanks to this anime the genre “sport” ranks among the most popular. Then comes, in 1986 the very famous Dragon Ball, of course, which today does not know the famous anime dragon ball. During this same period, “Akira”, in 1988. This is considered an interesting project because it will be the first anime produced with a huge budget, and it was after the 1990s that the anime experienced a considerable evolution, their popularity out of Japan and the world began to become interested in Japanese culture and these creations, anime, manga, and games.another thing that gives the manga charm is that it is widely read by women too. The manga which is specifically intended for women is called shojo (girl), it’s a good thing, it shows that manga and animes are by no means just addressed to the male sex, women can also find manga and animes that suits them.