Five Ways to Eat: Mini cucumbers

Scientifically, mini cucumber is a fruit that is consumed as a vegetable, it belongs to the same species as Pickle. It contains a lot of green nutrients and is full of water. Here are 5 methods that I personally use to eat this fruit. What’s your favorite way to eat mini cucumber?


I love to eat mini cucumber in a spicy raw salad, like this recipe from You will need fresh mini cucumbers, red onion, sour cream, white vinegar, Fresh dill, sugar, salt, garlic powder.


I find this method the easiest way to eat a head of mini cucumber, all you need is a microwave to steam them. Serve with olive oil, little vinegar and, salt.


Darker than mini cucumber steamed. You will eat mini cucumber steamed and you will love it. Here’s how to roast mini cucumber. Serve with Parmesan cheese!

4.With pasta

You will love mini cucumber paired with pasta and your children will like it as a vegetable into sausage pasta.

5.As a pasta sauce!

Mini cucumber can be a component for making the sauce! A  cheese and an oil transform steamed cucumber into creamy, delicate green pasta sauce. It is a method that is good for health and delicious: Homemade Tzatziki Sauce