Does My Dog Put His Paw On My Arm When I Pet Him

A dog is a very special creature which likes to have attention and affection, that is why it is said that they are the best friends of the man, the dog puts your paw when you pet him, I am on that you have already noticed, we will see in this article why this gesture.

Know that dogs use their paws to communicate, it is to make them believe that they understand what you said to them and this ability, they have seen that they have evolved over thousands of years alongside humans, so they have an extraordinary ability to know how to communicate with humans, this is what makes dogs fascinating creatures, most of the time your dog touches you it is very likely that he is trying to tell you something, dogs have their way of communicating with you, so make sure you understand what they are trying to tell you.

Want food 

Generally, we all know that in most of the time, animals try to communicate just if they are idle, that’s why your dog could paw you because he is hungry. by dint of always coming at the same time, It always surprises the owners to see how the dogs seem to be able to read the time, well your dog even if he did not seem but the dogs are creature very intelligent.

Be aware that your dogs could eat all day if they could. that’s why you don’t always have to eat it every time it gives you a bite. If you allow your dog to decide when it will be fed, it could become overweight, something that will aggravate you of course, but especially it will be bad for health, that is why it is necessary to take care of your dog.

Want attention

Be aware that dogs are very attached to humans. they are generally pets that depend on the human view that the latter gives them pleasure and social interactions, therefore, when you neglect them and you do not give them the attention they are used to, they try to you make him understand and the dog tends to put his paw on you when he finds that you are not paying attention to him. his gestures towards you are his words which mean “do not forget me, I need attention”.

And then. As responsible dog owners, you need to meet their needs and be more careful when they need you. your dog’s behavior has probably been reinforced in the past when you had the habit of playing with him or petting him, something you don’t do anymore, your dog remembers it and wants you to continue doing what you do in the spend with him.


You never asked yourself Why does your dog put his paw on you? be aware that a raised paw in canine language can indicate that your dog is feeling stressed of course. pay attention to the rest of your dog’s body language and if he shows other signs of anxiety or stress such as smacking lips, yawning and flat ears or another body language?

Know that it is necessary to think about the question well and if it is yes, then think of the reason for which it could feel lack and turn towards you. you start to ask yourself a lot of questions at the moment: Have you lost your temper with him? Is he in a new environment? but be aware that the best thing you can do if he is worried is to stay positive and try to give him some of your time to know his thoughts and needs. and to do that try, for example, to take him to a beach or forest where you can play with him, it’s a great way to do it is to play with a toy and to change the environment, something he surely attends from you.

“I am your master”

Another thing that makes dogs interesting creatures is the idea that dogs try to dominate us and be pack leaders is pretty outdated, they try to show their rebellious side to show us who they don’t belong to and that we are not their masters, but know that there are beautiful and many people who still think that this is true. There are even professional dog trainers who use this idea to rationalize punishment and solve problems, it is the best way for them to train their dog and show him who is in charge.

In addition, you must surely know that dogs have evolved from wolves, which means that all behaviors and communications will be the same of course. your idea of ​​wolf behavior is based on studies of wolves in captivity, this is why The next time your dog puts your paw, think first if their expression and body language seems to try to put you in your place? or it’s just because he’s faint or needs more attention.