Will You Divorce Him Over Video Games?

A video game is an electronic game which involves an electronic exchange of information with the user and the console, it is one of the means for the person to escape from reality and living moments in the virtual world, more and more people play video games whether it be young people or adults, it is even turning into addiction which can have repercussions in our life especially in a couple life.


The pleasure of playing video games is good, but do not forget to put your spouse above all so as not to ruin the relationship, because you should know that your partner expects you to be with him all the time and that you show him affection, if you stay all the time in front of your console to play, it will disturb you and put the tension on your couple in addition to the fact that you will become lazy and neglect your housework and any other activity.

We must also not neglect communication, it is also a very important factor in a relationship, the more communication decreases in a couple the more it is bad and that because of the excessive use of video games


Warning! Obsessive use of games can be a mental health problem very well known as game disorder, which was officially recognized by the World Health Organization in 2018, which describes a person who can no longer stop playing video games that it becomes uncontrollable and can not be separated from his console, and this leads us to another problem that video games can cause.

Sometimes we find that many people start spending huge amounts of money on consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and more, and sometimes he becomes so addicted that he sells their furniture to buy it, that’s how addiction to video games can ruin your life and lead to divorce since a relationship can’t go on like this


1-this addiction for games shows itself through many symptoms in particular:

2-start lying about the time spent in front of the console.

3-disrupt the vision of things compared to reality.

4-show physical problems such as sleep disturbances, gaining weight, back pain.

5-psychic problems.

Internet addiction is one of the main reasons that can cause depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses that have become commonplace around the world due to video games that have ruined the lives of young people and to prevent doing any energy activity, and then it is also valid for couples who find it difficult to generate their relationship when one of them is addicted to his video games, their relationship begins to degenerate and ends in a breakup and divorce.


The addiction to games will surely not go away on its own, you must have the wheel, of course, you will not stop differently but at least, use video games in moderation.

Once you get rid of this addiction you will see how your life has changed drastically and you can do it, make up for the time you spend at the console with sports, travel, dating, etc.

You will see that you are no longer going to think about playing and having more time to spend with your spouse and that way you could have overseen this test.


The video games of our time have become extremely violent and sensual, it shows violent scenes of all kinds and negatively influences the person, this is due to the constant exposure to violence since all these scenes that you see will be engraved in you are not going to feel it but it shows through your behavior.

You should ask yourself these questions:

How would you rate the quality of your marriage right now? Do you take the time to talk, connect and be intimate? Are you going on dates? What education do you bring to your marriage? How will your spouse assess the quality of your marriage?

That’s why you have to change because if you don’t change, your behavior will end up ruining your relationship not only with your spouse but also with the people around you and thus ruin your whole life.


It’s perfectly normal that when you spend most of your day in a game, you run the risk of being drawn into a virtual reality, this is where your life begins to change, you can no longer differentiate the virtual from the reality, you lose all desire to sleep, to work or even to eat since your brain thinks of only one thing it is the play.

Life is so short that you don’t waste it in front of a screen and play it all the time, especially when this game creates various problems in our life, when we are in a relationship we have to think about our spouse have everything, he needs attention and love, he doesn’t need to see you all the time in front of a screen to play, think about spending more time with your spouse and enjoying life, thought about it take to the beach, travel, or watch the sunset with him.

We have already seen that an obsession with a game has even led some people to divorce, seeing that their spouse has lost his job, money and even his desire to do anything in his life, players can be so absorbed by the game that he does not even realize all that they have lost in their lives.

Of course, As with everything that can become very consumer, the game is also an addiction that should not be overlooked, the more using it the more it becomes difficult to get rid of it, Changing the setting can also help change habits. Once the addict is on board to reduce playing time, start by changing the location of the computer / Xbox. Replace what was there with an alternative activity, that is to say, “solo”. I suspect that for some of these long-time addicts, an activity that results in minor accomplishments could help replace playing time.