What are the disadvantages of online newspapers?


The newspaper is a periodical publication of what is happening or what has happened, it puts us at the forefront of what is happening in the world, daily or periodical publication disseminating political, scientific, artistic information, refers to the presentation of information on radio or television. The biggest drawback to the online newspaper is that it is out of habit because we know that everyone reads the newspaper while drinking good coffee, so while using the online newspaper he suffers from all kinds of disadvantages such as requires an internet connection to access the log.

One of the major disadvantages of online newspaper is the need for internet connection because you need to have internet access to be able to read a newspaper and know the news of the world unlike the normal newspaper, you still have to depend on the connection to read the news and be up to date with the world.

Difficult to read

Unlike the normal newspaper, the online newspaper does not bring the same satisfaction and it is especially the people who read the newspaper too much who know the difference, the pleasure of reading page by page the newspaper without mentioning the fact that some online newspapers of the site publish false information just to earn money and to have more and more visitors and especially that the reader does not pay attention to the level of credibility of the site.


Today the world faces many diseases, most of these diseases are due to the excessive use of the internet, man is becoming more and more addicted to the internet to the point that he does can be separated from it, the most dangerous is that the rays emitted by the telephone or the laptop are very dangerous for humans and largely affect their brain in the foreground and cause lots of illnesses such as for example brain cancer.

False publication

We all know that everyone can have access to the Internet so that anyone can write articles the way they want it is on the reader do not know if this article is true or false most people do not pay attention to the credibility of the article and only write and believe everything he reads these are big faults on the Internet online, we all know that everyone can have access to the Internet which makes that anyone can write articles the way they want it is on the reader don’t know if this article is true or false most people don’t pay attention to the credibility of the article and just write and believe everything he reads these are the big flaws of the internet online, the internet has not only advantages but here too the faults it was several ways of course now that people have access to the internet they took the opportunity to write anything and post a lot of photos which creates perfect is diplomatic problems.

Internet need

Although the online newspaper has many advantages it also has faults and by default we find that to read it is mandatory to have internet what it is for the readers it can not have it at all times in any place, from places where there is no network we have to wait until we have Internet access to be able to read our newspaper quietly, of course, it’s not better for many people.

Even if the online newspaper has many disadvantages, however, it also has many advantages for all readers since it offers them lots of privacy like:


The biggest advantage of online newspapers is that all of the online newspapers are free and user does not have to pay anything to read newspapers and this is the biggest advantage for a reader  not like the normal newspaper that you need to pay to read, have free access to news is the most important things which means that anyone can read the news whether poor or rich since money has always been a barrier for the poor who cannot afford a newspaper and read

 Updated News

Another advantage of the online newspaper was that the news came out quickly without being able to wait for the next day which is not possible for the normal newspaper since you have to wait for my name to be able to access good news from the whole world and we can have any information from around the world just from your place without being able to go.

saving the environment 

another benefit is thanks to the newspaper we no longer have to destroy the environment by cutting trees have papers and make newspapers since now we use the internet to read all the news in the world and also contribute to an environment without danger especially us as a human being how to watch over our environment.

Newspaper is such advertising that readers are likely to spend the most time looking over, you can target newspaper ads to particular groups of consumers. always, if you’re advertising a new electronic gadget, you can have your ads appear in the “Tech” section of the paper. If you want to target a specific city or region, you can place your ad in the newspaper’s various regional sections. Furthermore, you have flexibility in your ad – you can run half pages, full pages, quarter pages or classifieds, depending on what fits your budget of yours.

Before the Internet, people often had to search through print books, magazines, periodicals, and other references to retrieve a small nugget of information. On the Internet, information abounds. Although not all of it is reliable, you can refine your search for information by only searching trusted websites or the official websites of universities.

All this leads to the believe that the internet on your positive sides on the negative sides but it should not be overlooked that the online newspaper brings a very great benefit to society worldwide it has made life easier for the reader and reduces the dangers for the environment.