What Are the Characteristics of a Colombian Women?

If you are a fan of comedy series, you would definitely remember Gloria from the hit series Modern Family! This Colombian character is definitely one the best characters of the series, owing to her immense love for her family and extended families!

So what is it about Colombian women that makes them special? If you have made acquaintances with a Colombian woman or plan on dating one, look no further! In this article, you will find out all about the characteristics of a Colombian woman and how the country’s culture makes them even more interesting!

1.Importance of family

As in the series, family in indeed of the utmost importance for a Colombian woman. This is because unlike in other countries, in Colombia, women are most likely to leave their homes only after marriage. This is one of the most important cultural observations that many people are not aware of.


Well, who doesn’t love dancing? For a Colombian woman, dancing is like an everyday routine. Of course, not all Colombian women will be great dancers. But even knowing the basic Latin dance steps like salsa is enough to keep themselves entertained! So if you want to impress a Colombian woman, you know exactly what to do!


Colombian women are also a lot smarter, especially when it comes to taking care of their safety. The primary reason is that they have already been exposed to a lot of violence in their country. So they tend to be smart alecs and also keep their loved ones safe at all times! Now you know you’re in safe hands when you’re with a smart Colombian woman!


Yes, Colombian women are also known to be classy and a little on the materialistic side too! And why not? Given that almost all women are beautiful and tall with a great body, they need to flaunt their curves! And what better way than to put on the classiest of clothing while heading out?


When it comes to relationships, Colombian women tend to be jealous and insecure. Now, you may think that this is the case for almost all women! But for women in Colombia, the case is different. This is because they have seen a lot of infidelity in relationships and marriages in their country. So they tend to be quite suspicious and make sure that your eyes and heart don’t deviate!

6.Not punctual!

For unknown reasons, women in Colombia can’t seem to have time management skills. So if you have a date with a Colombian woman, you might want to plan accordingly. Most women might take well over an hour to show up to the location, or not show up at all! You could try telling them to be more punctual. And if they care for you, they will definitely make sure to change this bad habit!

7.More traditional and value men

Just as relationships are important to them, so are the traditional values. You will find that a Colombian woman prefers a man who is supportive of the family and shows some muscular strength as well! Not only will this make them look up to their men, but also make them feel safe and secure. And while women prefer to be homemakers, they will show off their cooking and cleaning skills as well, making sure that the age-old tradition is intact!


Not all women in Colombia are fluent in English. Even if they are, there will be a lot of mispronunciations, hence the language barrier. You might want to learn a little bit of Spanish if you are to date a Colombian woman. This way, both of you can communicate and get along well!

9.Foreign interest!

If you are into Colombian women, this point will make you leap with joy! It is true that Colombian women are more interested in foreigners. This may be simply out of curiosity to know more about foreign men and their cultures. The other reason could be that, perhaps, they feel that men from other countries are more faithful in relationships! With this, you get a headstart.


You should also remember that women from Colombia take religion seriously. This is understandable, considering the fact they give importance to their cultures and traditions. So next time, when a woman asks you about your religion, don’t be surprised! It might just be out of curiosity or a way to know find out about how you truly feel about religion. 


Beauty with brains is what defines a Colombian woman! You will find that most Colombian women go on and study in prestigious universities and find jobs as translators, programmers, designers, etc. And then there are those who win acclaimed beauty pageants! So you will definitely be lucky if you happen to date a Colombian woman


Colombian women are also one of the most feminine women ever. Their oozing passion and inherent sexiness could portray this! Add on their motherly love and respect for men, and Colombian women will be hard to resist. 


Last but not least, you can rest assured that Colombian women are the most loyal women you will find. This is mainly because they have a hard time dealing with cheating men. So they know how it feels to be cheated on and disrespected. Hence, they take their love lives very seriously and make sure to give their all or nothing!


If you are looking to find an amazing Colombian woman to take out on a date, make sure to know what you’re getting yourself into. And if it turns out to be the best date ever, then you know that you’ve found a piece of Heaven in her! Although, you need to remember that not all women are the same. So, make sure to take things one step at a time and assess the nature of the relationship before getting on board with it!