Can Hamsters Realy Eat Watermelon?

As you probably know, every human being needs a healthy diet to be always in good shape, well, the same goes for Hamsters, they need a healthy diet to lead a long life. hamsters are greedy animals that like to eat a lot, they like to eat fruits and vegetables, however, unfortunately, some of these foods are not safe and can be dangerous for them, that’s why as a hamster owner you should know the food that is safe for your pet before feeding it so as not to harm its health. Well, in this article we will talk about watermelon. it is sure that watermelon is the favorite fruit of certain people, but what about hamsters? do they like watermelon? Is it safe to feed them watermelon?

Can Hamsters Eat Watermelon?

can hamsters eat watermelon

It is in the nature of hamsters to always eat, again and again, you should know that Hamsters seem to be hungry all the time, this is why you should always be careful when you feed your hamster especially when it is a new food for him, it is important to know some basic rules regarding the foods he should eat and those he should not eat. with regard to your question: can hamsters eat watermelon? give you a clear, simple and short answer: t yes, you can feed your hamster watermelon without any problem.

As you know there are many species of hamsters like for example the Syrian hamster, the roborovski hamster, the Campbell dwarf hamster, the winter white dwarf hamster, and Chinese hamsters. as a hamster owner, you should know that it is easy to feed your hamsters with watermelon but as you know it is always better to feed your hamsters especially small hamsters in moderation. Moreover, I am sure that when you hear the word watermelon, you understand that it is a fruit that contains a lot of water,

 So be aware that excessive consumption of watermelon can cause diarrhea in your little hamsters, and that Since watermelons also have a high sugar content and that hamsters are quite prone to diabetes, of course, that’s why it is advisable to be best to feed them in moderation.

As for Syrian hamsters, you must first make sure to remove the bark and seeds, and you can give them a small piece of watermelon and no more so as not to cause the disease.

Moreover, there are the dwarf hamsters of Campbells which are hamsters of the smaller breed of hamsters. here is why it is important that You give them a very small piece of watermelon once every two weeks and to respect the limit.

without forgetting The winter white dwarf hamster which is like any other breed of dwarf hamster. it is recommended to give them only a very small portion of watermelon once every two weeks because of know that hamsters have a very fragile digestive system

Is Watermelon Safe for Hamsters?

If your hamster has eaten a piece of watermelon, don’t panic! We have good news for you. Watermelon is safe for your hamster, but as well as all other fruits you have to introduce watermelon slowly into your hamster’s diet. It is known that large amounts of fruits can cause diarrhea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems in your hamster’s diet. Because of that, it is best to feed your hamster a small piece of watermelon first. It is enough to feed your hamster watermelon once or twice a week. Later you can give him a small piece of watermelon more often, three or four times a week. If there are no side effects, it means that watermelon is completely safe for your pet. However, numerous studies have shown that it is advisable to feed your watermelon hamster only occasionally and not often to avoid any risk that could harm the health of your pet. and that was justified, for the simple reason that watermelon is not part of the list of usual food of hamsters. Without forgetting that the watermelon is rich in sugar, a reason for pus to avoid any excessive consumption of watermelon. because of its high water content, the watermelon can cause diarrhea and make your hamster sick if eaten in large quantities e watermelon.

How much watermelon can you feed your hamsters?

If you want to please your hamsters and give them watermelon, it is better to know the limit not to exceed, if we take the Syrian hamsters and roborovski for example, you must give them a very small piece of watermelon, preferably without bark and definitely seedless, once a week or a week and a half. and as for your dwarf hamsters, it is better to give them a small portion of watermelon just once every two weeks so as not to harm the health of your hamster.As a hamster owner, you should know that an executive consumption of watermelon can cause more digestive illnesses like diarrhea and common.


To arrive at a conclusion, the watermelon represents no danger for hamsters, you just have to respect the limit not to exceed and If you are wondering what is the best food to feed your hamsters, then respect the particular food that you can find in pet stores. keep in mind that it is good to feed your hamsters fruits and vegetables once a week.