Can Hamsters Realy Eat Peas?

Certain people do not like to have animals with a big corpulence in their house, then he likes to keep animals of a small tail, Hamsters are excellent pets which correspond to the criterion. know that there are 5 breeds of domestic hamsters which are the most known types of animals. In yourself, as the owner of these adorable little animals, you need to know what types of food you can and cannot feed your hamsters of course. and to answer your question of If hamsters can eat peas or else, there is a short and simple answer: Yes, hamsters can eat peas.

Can Hamsters Realy Eat Peas?

It is true that you can give peas to your hamster, but first know that peas contain a lot of sugar, a hint of fat and salt too. Even if certain species of hamsters can eat peas without danger, unfortunately, there are other species that you must avoid feeding them with peas. now you will understand everything you need to know to give peas to your hamsters.

In case you have Syrian hamsters at home, then know that you can safely feed them peas from time to time in moderation of course. However, you should always keep in mind that peas, as you know, are very rich in sugar, salt and fat too, in other words, they should not be eaten excessively. the best is not to exceed the limit and feed them peas 3 times a week so as not to harm their health.

However, for Campbell’s dwarf hamsters which are a much smaller variety of hamsters as the name suggests. even if these hamsters can eat as much as their big cousin’s ​​hamsters, it is very important to know that you should not feed these cats hamsters as much as these they are likely to show several types of illnesses such as obesity and diabetes also which are the most common. for peas, as you know they contain too much sugar, salt and fat, then we come to the following conclusion: you should not give peas to the dwarf hamsters of your Campbell to avoid any problem of health.

In addition to Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, we find The winter white dwarf hamsters which are also a small species of dwarf hamsters that cannot digest too much fat and sugar in their diet. so for this species too, it is too risk giving him peas because it can harm their health too.

What are the risks of feeding peas to your hamsters?

There are a lot of risks when feeding peas to certain species of hamsters, you should know that Peas contain high levels of sugar, salt, and fat as already mentioned. In other words, these high levels make them dangerous for your dwarf hamsters to eat because these hamsters are very likely to develop certain diseases such as diabetes and obesity which are very dangerous for these adorable little animals. on the other hand for your Syrian hamsters, they can eat small quantities of peas no problem. However, it can be risky for them too if they do not eat peas in moderation, be aware that Overeating peas in your hamsters can also cause them diabetes, obesity, bloating as well as diarrhea or constipation and other health problems.

are peas beneficial to the health of hamsters?

There is no doubt that peas have a lot of nutritional value if you feed them in moderation for your Syrian hamsters and Roborovski of course, can be beneficial for them. However, as you know these peas contain a high content of sugar, salt and fat, if they are made very dangerous for dwarf hamsters, so you have to be careful of the risk that you would take when you feed these peas to these little species of hamsters.

Be aware that Peas contain a lot of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, folate, iron, and manganese.

These pea dietary fibers are ideal for regulating the stools of your little hamsters. It helps relieve constipation and keeps your hamsters’ stomach and digestive system healthy, making them good for your hamster’s health.

In addition, Vitamin B6 helps your hamster’s body to maintain healthy nerves, skin and healthy production of red blood cells, so these peas are not just a danger for these small animals

And do not forget an essential element which is manganese, this element which is found in peas, it has the role of improving the overall bone health of your hamsters and removes the risk of osteoporosis and health-related problems bones and joints of course.

And finally, Folate, this element is essential for making white and red blood cells in the bone marrow of your hamsters. they help the hamster’s body to convert carbohydrates into energy and also produce healthy DNA and RNA and like that, the hamster maintains excellent health.


To reach a conclusion, know that peas can be an excellent healthy and nutritious treat for your little hamsters if you feed them in moderation. be careful a Avoid giving peas to your dwarf hamsters as they tend to develop diabetes and obesity as you have already understood. this is why the best is to keep your hamsters on a healthy diet of exceptional hamster food