Can Hamsters Realy Eat Celery?

As you already know, Hamsters are omnivorous animals. in other words, they eat both plants and insects, so if you want to provide a healthy and natural diet for your hamsters, plants, seeds, insects, and fruits will be an excellent idea. however, be aware that hamsters should never eat seeds strictly as they tend to have high-fat content and can lead to obesity, obesity can be a danger for hamsters. Celery is a vegetable rich in vitamins A, potassium and folate. However, you should know that celery has a fiber content. It is particularly low in carbohydrates and free of fat. moreover, it is low in protein.

Can Hamsters Eat Celery?

can hamsters eat celery

It is always good to know how well your hamster delights in the food that you offer him, it is a pleasant feeling for any owner of these adorable pets, however, as the owner of a hamster, you must know which foods are safe and which foods are not acceptable for feeding your hamsters. then it is completely normal to ask the question and to know if your hamster can or not eat celery; well, to give you a short and simple answer: yes, your hamster can eat celeryHowever, it is important to know lots of information before taking the initiative to give celery to your hamsters. Among this information there is the following:

Be aware that Syrian hamsters are one of the species of hamsters, it is a larger variant of the hamster family. also, Celery is a very nutritious treat for hamsters, since it is crunchy and delicious for your little hamsters they like, so why are your Syrian hamsters, you feed them a quarter of a teaspoon of celery per week, it will be enough to satisfy their pleasure and not put them in danger.

And in addition to the Syrians, we find Campbell’s dwarf hamsters which are a smaller hamster species than Syrian hamsters. You should know that These hamsters love celery because they are crunchy and nutritious and good for their health. for Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, You can give them small pieces of grated celery about 2 times a week so as not to harm to their health

There are also, Winter white dwarf hamsters which are tiny white hamsters. be aware that These hamsters love to eat a variety of food throughout the day, which makes celery a great way to calm their appetite. as the owner of this adorable eating machine, you can give him a small amount of celery twice a week to please him.

And let’s not forget the Roborovski hamsters which look more like Syrian hamsters compared to their size. you should know that These hamsters like to eat celery and can digest a slightly larger amount of the vegetable compared to the Campbell’s dwarf hamster. then it is not a problem to give your Roborovski hamsters a small piece of celery 3 to 4 times a week.

Why Do Hamsters Like Celery?

Most hamster owners wonder if their hamster likes or dislikes celery, always keep in mind that the only thing we know for sure is that celery is a very safe and nutritious vegetable important for your hamsters. Even if all hamsters will not like celery, it is always a good idea to give it to him and see if he likes it or not, moreover, celery may taste good for most hamsters of course that most hamsters eat it; which leads us to believe that If it did not taste good to them, they would not want to eat it voluntarily and without complication. But, what is certain, is that hamsters are herbarium animals which like to nibble full time.

Health Benefits of Celery for Hamsters

You now know the importance of celery and how much vitamin K and other essentials it contains in the hamster. You should know that this vitamin acts specifically to maintain the ability of the blood to clot. Also, celery protects against inflammation in the digestive tract, which makes it an essential element for these adorable little hamsters.

Scientists have identified antioxidants in celery. You should know as a hamster owner that these antioxidants help protect against unwanted damage to the cell, blood vessels, and organs, a very important benefit, and without the hassle that celery is also fibrous, making it a good vegetable, moreover, as you know, hamsters need hard and fibrous food and toys. When they gnaw on them, they can keep their teeth always growing worn out. This makes them more resistant and helps to eliminate any dental problem and helps their health to improve.


I am that after having read this article, you have had an idea of what represents celery for hamsters, celery is one of the most nutritious and tasty snacks that you can offer to your hamsters of course. and as you already know, even if this exceptional vegetable is good for hamsters, it is always advisable to give it celery in moderation so as not to harm its health. That’s why, you must always keep in mind that in order not to harm the health of your hamster, you must feed it a healthy diet composed exceptionally of nutritious elements and rich in vitamin.