Can Hamsters Realy Eat Blueberries?

Nothing is better to eat than Blueberries, they are among the most succulent fruits, and they are edible during all the season of the year, especially during the summer months. In addition to being delicious, blueberries are very rich in nutrients such as fiber of course, such as potassium, vitamin C and vitamin B6, know that it is one of the fruit richest in vitamins since they contain a lot of nutrients that strengthen your health and that of hamsters of course.

And to answer your question, yes, you can and should feed your hamsters as an occasional snack of course. be aware that hamsters tend to like the taste of blueberries, and this can be understood with its special taste, so do not deprive them especially of such a delight from time to time. but of course like everything, it is important not to overfeed and abuse them by giving them more than necessary, it will do them more harm than good.

Benefits & Dangers Of Blueberries 

You should know that wild hamsters eat a variety of fruits and vegetables of a similar nature so if we start to analyze them well the diet of a wild hamster we can believe that he can surely eat blueberries and enjoy them without any worries of course . and that’s right, nonetheless, you must always make your recommendations to avoid any undesirable incident that can harm your little furball.

Know that there is a very interesting characteristic about your hamster that you will surely notice it over time, you pay close attention to the hamster’s diet, you will see that it is quite low in sugar, something that will surprise you, Of course, a hamster indeed eats some fruits and vegetables per day which contain sugar, however, you can realize that they have a low quantity of sugar. in other words, in case you want to match the diet your hamster to a natural diet that follows him, as for this case he can not eat many foods that have a higher sugar content and Unfortunately for him, know that blueberries are part of these fruits which are rich in nutrients but also rich in sugar, so be careful

Many complications can arise in the hamster in case of excessive consumption of sugar, be aware that When hamsters have a diet too high in sugar. The most common complication begins to appear and you will notice it quickly, it is excessive weight gain. you may find that a puffing hamster is very adorable and cute, which is true, but in your place, it is something that I should avoid when it happens, it is adorable in your eyes, but for hamsters it is is another story, be aware that Obesity in hamsters can lead to other health problems, which can lead to death. It can also cause several problems with their digestive system, the most common problem is diarrhea which can cause dehydration of course, but despite these drawbacks, be aware that blueberries are one of the best snacks you can feed your hamster to please them. these are rich in nutrients as already mentioned, besides, they are much more nutrient-rich than most other fruits and vegetables. which means, that as long as you don’t give them much, they are harmless, and blueberries can provide your hamster with excellent nutrients which will benefit of course.

What Do Hamsters Usually Eat In The Wild?

Before you start to feed your hamster, you must first know how it works, its diet, what it naturally eats in the wild before you take it as a pet. Syria, China, Romania, Greece, and Belgium are the countries whose hamsters have wandered for thousands of years since being on earth. know that these hamsters ate almost the same foods and their digestive system became refined to digest these specific foods of course. that’s why you must adopt a healthy diet of your hamster to that of a wild hamster. you should know that the body of a hamster is designed to eat certain foods and not to eat others so as not to have health problems, in other words, adapting to this diet will help them to digest their food better and to get a lot more value from what they eat and then allow them to fully enjoy the fruits.

Be aware that hamsters are omnivorous animals, however, they have a diet that is very similar to that of your herbivore, of course, they like to eat fruits and vegetables. in other words, it means that hamsters eat a wide variety of different foods to get their essential nutrients including blueberries, be aware that most of these foods are a type of plant material too. you will probably often see a wild hamster eating a diet which consists mainly of a mixture of cereals and occasional fruits and vegetables, which explains of course.


To have a conclusion, it is obvious that Blueberries are among the best snacks for hamsters, which gives them a lot of vitamins, However, as you have already read, they have drawbacks, which should not be overlooked, so these are not a good alternative. be aware that There are special treats for hamsters that are designed to be easy to digest and very nutritious of course. you must always pay attention to your hamsters so as not to harm their health.