can Hamsters Realy Eat Almonds?

As you probably know Almonds are generally appreciated for their health as a snack for humans. you should know that its almonds are full of healthy fats, antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin E and other essential elements that positively help health. in addition to all these nutrients, the almonds also have a very succulent taste, but I am sure you are wondering that includes hamsters too? can hamsters eat almonds?

Can Hamsters Eat Almonds?

first seen you should know that hamsters get from their regular diet all the nutrients they need to maintain good health, however, they cannot stay wise when they see you eating vegetables and fruits, so they like to taste them .in this case it is not a problem to feed them fruit and vegetables a few times a week, but you have to be careful because you should know that some foods can be harmful to your pet.

so the best thing to do to avoid any potential risk to the health of your hamster, it is always aware of the important information concerning certain foods that you introduce into your hamster’s diet. so as the owner of your adorable hamster, it is important to know which foods are good for your health and which are not.

it is important to know the origin of the fines before talking about whether it is good or good for hamsters, so know that Almonds are widely cultivated seeds of the almond tree native to the Middle East, North Africa and from the Indian subcontinent. Also, these fines can be eaten raw or grilled, without forgetting which are a very nutritious food rich in vitamin. So, to answer your question with a simple and short answer: yes, hamsters can eat almonds in small quantities of course. you should know that hamsters love the taste and texture of almonds, so if you choose to feed your hamster almonds, it is very important to feed them in moderation.

​Health Benefits & Dangers Of ​Almonds

If we take into account the diet of a wild hamster, we can understand that the almonds do not represent a danger for hamsters, moreover, they sometimes eat seeds and nuts of similar nature. Therefore, there are not too many things to consider when feeding your hamster almonds of course. Most of the time, humans tend to eat almonds to help lose weight because they help you feel fuller and fitter. However, the almonds may be a little harmful to hamsters. it is always best to eat everything in moderation, in case a hamster has to eat too many almonds, it may not want to eat their specialized hamster food anymore. Almonds are nutritious, but not nutritious enough to be a good part of a hamster’s diet. this is the reason why it is very important to pay attention to the portion that you give to your hamster. It is also not to forget to avoid bitter fines to your hamsters, The standard almond that you buy in a store is completely safe of course, know that raw bitter almonds contain hydrogen cyanide, which is extremely deadly when eaten by hamsters. a single butcher of its bitter fines could be fatal to your animal of Compagnia, here is why it is necessary to make a very attack with the animal of your hamster. But, in any case, it is prudent to say that almonds are a good snack for hamsters. so if you avoid bitter fines and give a moderate amount of fines to your hamsters, this will in no way harm their health but on the contrary, it could be beneficial to him.

How Many Almonds Should Hamsters Eat?

all food should be consumed in moderation, whether it is good or not, as for sweet almonds, they are safe for hamsters as long as they are consumed in small quantities of course. so If you are wondering how many almonds you should give your hamster, the most appropriate answer would be, Half an almond a day is more than enough if you have a small hamster and you will treat yourself to it without risking damaging its health. and in case your hamster is a large tail, you can give him a whole almond. As you know almonds and similar nuts are high in fat, in other words, a fine executive intake can lead to weight gain and many digestive problems, of course. as the owner of a hamster, you should know that the digestive system of a hamster is very sensitive, which means that large amounts of almonds can be very dangerous for him. this is why it is important not to exceed the limit of an almond per day for large hamsters and half an almond for small hamsters so as not to harm their health.


To conclude, it is clear that the fines represent no danger for hamsters as you could understand by reading this article, however, it is important to use only small quantities of almonds of course. If eaten in large quantities, almonds can cause many health problems with your hamster, this is why it is important to respect the limit set to give to the hamster so as not to harm their health