Can Guinea Pigs Realy Eat Celery?

You should know that among the most benevolent vegetables for health, there is Celery, know that this vegetable is considered a low-calorie vegetable which is rich in many nutrients and minerals that our body needs, of course, maintain good physical condition. However, there are many people and especially the owners of guinea pigs who wonder if this is the case for their pet or not and if their guinea pigs should eat celery?

Well, to answer your question with a simple, clear and short answer, know that: Yes, guinea pigs can eat celery, however, like any other food, it is always important to make your pet eat celery with moderation and only a few times a week of course. because you should know that celery has a low amount of vitamin C and high levels of oxalates present in this vegetable. and above all Even without large amounts of vitamin C, celery is a very nutritious vegetable and has a low caloric content, an advantage for guinea pigs, without forgetting that guinea pigs tend to be demanding, however as the owner of a guinea pig you should know that guinea pigs love leafy vegetables, this is the reason why you should introduce celery into their diet if you have not already done so, and now that you know whether or not guinea pigs can eat celery, it is also very important to learn about the benefits, nutrients, and risks associated with this leafy vegetable.

Things to Consider When Feeding Guinea Pigs Celery

It is very important to always keep in mind that it is essential to always test all fruits or vegetables before feeding them to avoid any risk of harming the health of your pet. moreover, you should know that there is no fair way to just throw a rod in their cage and wait for the guinea pig to eat it every time. You have to be careful especially with the little guinea pigs.

So If you plan to feed your guinea pig, it is very important to make sure you cut small pieces perpendicular to the celery stalk of course. well, know that unfortunately, you will see that it will be very difficult for your pet to chew the ropes effectively with these small jaws. moreover, be aware that if they do not, it will be difficult for them to digest the vegetable.

Then, it is good to know that When you feed them any type of fruit or vegetable such as celery, well, make it a treat rather than a part of their daily food intake. You should know that a guinea pig diet should never consist mainly of vegetables, but rather of meatballs for example. so know that if you give them too much celery, they will have diarrhea as their first symptom which can, unfortunately, be fatal if the symptoms persist for a long time of course.

How Much Celery Do I Need to Give My Guinea Pig?

It is very important to know that there is a good thing about celery, it is that Fortunately for guinea pigs this vegetable contains about half a gram of dietary fiber per stem not like the apple for example which have a considerable amount of fiber. otherwise said it is normal to include celery in the list of their diet twice a week or more, well depending, it is also necessary to pay attention to how your pet reacts to celery.

There is one thing that is not really pleasant for a guinea pig owner to do is to look at your guinea pig’s stool to see which foods affect their digestive system or not. well, in case you see wet stools or diarrhea, you must, unfortunately, stop giving them celery and increase their consumption of hay Timothy of course. You should know that timothy hay is good for their digestive system and is effective enough to fight the symptoms of diarrhea.moreover know that Celery contains a lot of water. to be exact, there is about 95% of the celery is water. which is very beneficial for your pet, without forgetting that due to the high percentage of water, celery can sometimes make them, urinate a lot, that’s why it is not always easy to take care of an animal of a company like a guinea pig.

My Guinea Pig Ate Celery. What Should I Do?

Now, we move on to case your little guinea pig escaped from your eyes and stole celery, well, I assure you, don’t worry. you should know that celery is safe for guinea pigs as a treat occasional good if your pet consumes it in moderation. However, this vegetable poses certain health risks for your guinea pig, so the best thing to do is talk to your veterinarian about your guinea a diet. and don’t forget to keep an eye on the symptoms of urinary tract stones. Because it is very important to know how the body reacts to pet celery.

Also, be aware that you should always keep in mind that celery should not be given to guinea pigs with a history of urinary stones. And in order to help reduce the risk of stones, do not give regularly large amounts of celery in your guinea pig. and you need to make sure you offer a wide variety of safe fruits and vegetables as part of a complete diet for your guinea pig.