Can Cats Realy Eat Sausages?

First, you should know that the cat is a carnivorous animal, we humans, we eat all kinds of processed meats like bacon and ham which are popular among us. They are not a portion of healthy and enriching food, however, they are always appreciated for their taste of course. so it may seem like a good idea to feed your cat the same way as you do, but above all, you have to know if cats can eat this kind of food or not? Or is it better to keep these meat products away from cats?

To give you a simple and short answer, no, know that it is not correct to feed your cat with processed meat products like sausages, and this for several reasons, The most important reason why processed meat products danger for cats is that they contain large amounts of salt. and as you probably know, Salt is the most common seasoning ingredient, of course, be aware that table salt can be very toxic to cats and can be fatal.

Can Cats Eat Sausages?

You should know that sausages are processed products. Red meat is salted, salted, smoked, stored and packaged. after all these procedures, know that the meat loses most of its essential nutrients and is replaced by harmful compounds very dangerous for cats, like fats, salt, and nitrates of course

So, and let’s not forget that salt consumption in cats can cause a lot of problems in the digestive system like vomiting, diarrhea, and salt poisoning. and know that Salt poisoning is a serious disease in cats. moreover, foods that contain a large amount of salt such as sausages, can harm the health of cats, if we take for example 100 g of ham which contains more than 1000 mg of sodium. that means you can only imagine the amount of salt in a piece of sausage.

However, be aware that there are different types of sausages depending on how well they are made. Some sausages contain different ingredients such as onion powder or garlic too. which increases the sodium content, and becomes very harmful for cats.

But in case you want to please your cat and spoil him a little without endangering his health, you may be able to find sausages with little, or even no salt, no onion or garlic powder. and less fat. even if you see them wrapping, in this case, you can feed your cat with one or two small pieces of sausage as a safe treat. but you must stay away from the commercial sausage brands that sell. Be aware that many animal brands offer special sausages for cats with less salt, which is less dangerous.

Are Sausages Good For Cats?

Before feeding your cat sausages, be aware that sausages are made from processed red meat. In other words, chemicals like nitrate and salts that are toxic to cats are added to the meat. these chemicals are added to meat because it helps keep sausages longer.

Besides, you should know that Sausages are made of meat. know that red meat contains a compound called Haems, this compound contains red pigments which break down in the stomach into smaller compounds. this composer provokes inflammation in the intestinal of these cats.

And let’s not forget that salt is added to keep the sausage in the packaging. The increase in the salt diet in humans, this leads to digestive and heart diseases. This leads us to conclude that cats metabolize food to a lesser degree than humans of course. cats will face these risks if you give them sausages

that’s not all, you should know that Sausages also contain saturated fats which are high in calories. Proteins are essential for the growth and muscular development of a cat. then they must be received, moreover, Foods rich in calories can slow down their growth, so that these sausages will do more harm than good.

Not All Cats Eat Meat

You should know that the cat is above all a carnivorous animal, and this for thousands of years, know that it is completely normal that you feed your cat cooked meat, simply because the cats are real carnivores, And they must eat to benefit fully from nutritious food rich in proteins and amino acids of course. be aware that meat also provides vitamins and other amino acids very important for cats

Unfortunately, a vegetarian food regiment is unable to meet these nutritional needs for a cat. In other words, if you deprive your cat of these nutrients can lead to poor growth and can affect its health.


Be aware that even if a small piece of ham or sausage is not likely to harm the health of your cat, nonetheless, know that it is better not to share processed meats with your cat to avoid any risk. as you know salt helps preserve meat and adds flavor, so processed meat products like ham and sausages usually contain a lot of salt. more Cats are small animals and don’t tolerate a lot of salt, salt is a very toxic ingredient for cats, and even a small piece of sausage can give your cat more salt than is normal. cats consume it in one day, so to avoid any danger to your cat, it is better to avoid giving it a sausage.