Best Halloween Nail Art Designs

With Halloween around the corner, the time is right to get your costumes and makeup essentials ready for the big night. As you start searching online and in magazines for the latest and trendiest costumes that are likely to dominate this year’s Halloween fashion, you need to also consider that makeup and nail art matches the look.

For the finest eyeliners and eye shadows, brow, nail, and face makeup, you need to get the latest Revolution Beauty coupon. Nail art ideas for Halloween are unique and anything but boring. Whether you wish to play it safe or opt for something that is outrageous and bold, there is something for everyone. Here are some popular nail art ideas for Halloween this year:

  1. Dark blood reverse French tips: This design requires the nails to be decorated with a thick maroon blood shade offset by the gold foil for the ring finger on coffin nails.
  2. Minimal ghost nails: This design is characterized by short nails that use acrylic or gel paint. You can draw scary-looking blood-red coffin nails with black skull designs. You can then paint small ghost figures on the nails if you are not fond of too much flashiness.
  3. Blood scattered tips: This nail art looks straight out of a horror flick and you will see that this sharp and bloody manicure for the nails can be most eye-catchy.
  4. Vampire teeth: You can get pointy long nails on the first and fourth fingers for creating fangs. The tips are painted red for a more realistic look.
  5. Bloodthirsty nails: A blood-red effect can be perfect when you are wearing the classic vampire costume for Halloween, or if you are a big Twilight fan. You can begin with a foil base, with a red glass gel added to give a vile effect.
  6. Delicate spiders: You can paint little spiders on your nails and even dip-dye with an orange color and make small webs on them. 
  7. Nails to Kill: Here, you can actually dedicate every nail to some infamous horror movie villain that you absolutely adore. This look is finished with the pinkies painted a bright red so as to attract more attention.
  8. Black Widow: You can paint a spooky spider web on the nail, by using a shimmery coat at the base and then adding white lines to it. For those with an eye for detail, rhinestones can be the perfect choice for making the webs pop out.
  9. It nails: Given that the “It chapter 2” premiered recently, you can create nail art to honor it. You may use a white base coat and create your favorite character from this movie.
  10. Coffin Nails: This nail art displays nails that are painted with coffins literally. You can paint the nails black once you have shaped the edges to look like coffins. When the paint has dried well, you may add gold outlines and detail in the middle.
  11. Black Cat: Black cats are an omen and they can make for adorable Halloween nails. Every nail can be given a peek-a-boo kitten for a more fun look.
  12. Slithering Snake: While a slithering snake is guaranteed to make you lose your sleep, it can be one of the best designs for Halloween special nail art. You can begin with a clear coat and then paint a wavy streak of red across the hand. You may create the snake designs with black and white paints and then apply a topcoat.
  13. Negative ghosts: You can actually paint ghosts after starting with a clear base. The ghost shape is painted such that half of your nail is bare. You may add the mouth and eye details in black and then apply a topcoat.

These are only some of the easy-to-create nail art designs for Halloween that you can experiment with this year. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your coupons from Don’tPayAll right now!