A baby girl has never eaten sugar,Here’s What She Looks Like Today

Grace Cooper, she’s a girl with 13 months, she’s never had sugar since birth, no chocolate no ice  … .She lives a different life compared to other children.

she can’t eat sugar in the cakes or ice cream…, she just eats the sugar of fruits like apple, banana kiwi. Her mother also follows this diet, no sugar.

cute mother and children

Although Shan doesn’t like labels, the diet they both are on is called the Paleo Diet. The Coopers also avoid heavily processed foods, sticking to a natural diet. Because of this, Grace is a happy and healthy beautiful baby girl!.

Her mother has recently said that when her daughter is old enough to understand what she likes and dislikes, she is not going to force her to stay on a strict diet. She just wants to create a solid foundation for the future health of her baby.

her mom added, my daughter with this diet has only been sick once in her life. Children must eat some of the grains. Parents considering the paleo diet should consult with their pediatricians before making a change.