8 Things That Are Banned in a Mental hospital

A mental institution is already infamous due to the stigma associated
with mental illnesses. It is not about the disease but the person suffering from it and the evil that is linked to it. Once you or a person close to you gets admitted into the hospital, there are a couple of do’s and don’ts that
you should be aware of it.

There is a list of things that are not allowed in the mental hospital:

Anything with sharp edges

Mental hospitals have stringent rules and regulations in place regarding the things that one can have indoors. Anything with sharp edges like switchblades, swiss knives, scissors or blades are banned. These can be used to inflict self-harm and can result in an undesirable mess.

Clothing with drawstrings

Clothing with drawstrings like hoodies, jackets, pajamas, etc. is also not allowed inside because one can quickly turn them into tools of suicide. They can be used to hang oneself or result in a choking hazard. Shoelaces, which can otherwise seem harmless, is also not possible to be used within the institution.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags, cellophane paper, sticky tape, bubble wrap, and cling film is also a strict no-no since it can easily be used to restrict the breathing passages in your body. The outcome can be worse than one watch in the movies or series.


Foods and fluids from outside cannot be bought inside since a fixed diet and nutrition profile is maintained for the patients. Some ingredients can even cause cross-reactions with the medicines being consumed; hence it is recommended to not get food from outside when you’re visiting the patient or else your visitation rights could easily get revoked.

Cosmetics and accessories

Cosmetics and accessories which can be consumed or their usage can be exploited are also not allowed inside due to the lethal nature of specific ingredients used in their making and manufacture. Certain accessories like belts and bags have metallic embellishments, which can again be used to harm oneself or fellow patients in the vicinity.


Gadgets, including your smartphones, tablets, kindle, laptops, cameras, etc. and the electronics like power cords, adapters, power banks, earphones, etc. are not allowed on the person as well as their family or visitors who come to see them. The visitors need to submit these devices at the reception and enter the premises.


Lingerie like brasseries with underwire, beaded underwear, spandex undergarments, etc. is undoubtedly unwelcome even though you cannot see the point of what’s the harm in that. Nobody can answer the questioning glances because of the nature of the patients and their illnesses.

Matchboxes and cigarettes

Matchboxes, lighters, cigarettes, and anything that can be used to light up a fire is banned from the hospital and during a visit as well.

Health is essential, and the day-to-day issues that one deals with being the patient or the family are crucial for in-patient care and rehabilitation. So, one should always be vigilant and civil while visiting the patient, or due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to get admitted to a mental hospital.

Know your rights and be mindful of your behavior to ensure your safety.