7 Most Unpredictable Dog Breeds

We all know that dogs are considered the most faithful human companion, and Although they are the most wonderful and loyal pets, dogs can sometimes be dangerous and uncontrollable. in certain situations the dog no longer obeys its owner and attacks anyone, even his owner. besides, some breeds of dogs are more dangerous than others which makes them still very scary compared to the other, here in this article we will see the most unpredictable dog breeds :

1. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is considered to be a loving and devoted dog for its owner and known to be very obeying, however, the dog has also caused deaths and this puts it among the most violent dogs. Rottweiler has a big aggressiveness and a big force which makes him very dangerous, a lack of training, abuse and a lack of socialization lead to behavior not desirable from Rottweiler who will not hesitate to attack anyone even his master and that because of poor training.

As owners of an animal like Rottweiler, you must at all costs and necessarily provide professional training to your Rottweiler dog so that they do not develop a dangerous attitude and cause you an annoyance to you and those around you. Statistics claim that Rottweiler dogs are capable of killing people if they are poorly trained. The dog has strong jaws and a very strong body which allows him to attack a human and even to cause his death.

 2. Great Dane

Great Dane, a very well-known dog and above all World record holder for the largest dog, a record that scares children and even adults because of its large size. above all do not trust its breed which looks innocent, if the dog is not well trained and trained it can sometimes be very scary and its actions can lead to atrocities.

These Danish breed dogs love to stay in familiar surroundings and need a lot of care and attention. when he changes place and enters a place that does not suit them he begins to show this very violent and changes his attitude very quickly.

3. Chow Chow

At first sight, you will surely think that Chow Chow is an adorable dog but Do not let yourself be deceived by his innocent face. Chow Chow has a reputation for having a bad attitude of biting just if you pamper him incorrectly it bothers him. Chow Chow has natural domination and cannot support strangers, he just trusts his entourage who knows him and mistrusts others.

Chow Chow is a dog who is extremely protective of his family and will not allow anyone else on the territory. All these cites make him one of the most dangerous and expensive dogs too.

4. Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu, one of the most dangerous dogs in the world to be wary of, This Japanese dog has an average weight not less than 135 pounds and is known for his aggressiveness which was recognized in the ring at one point. even now this dog can be seen fighting in some countries, originally this dog was bred to be a hunting dog, that’s why he inherited it assault

To show you how dangerous this dog is, know that Because of its dangerous reputation, the dog is prohibited in certain cities of the world, seeing that this dog has an unpredictable attitude and can attack at any time.

5. Wolf hybrid

First of all, know that Wolf Hybrid is as the name suggests is a hybrid of a wolf and a dog, this dog has great potential to harm people. and that’s normal, you should know that Wolfhybrids are generally not kept as pets since they are very dangerous, In addition, if the wolf is raised with a dog which has the reputation of a dog at risk, the result is a very threatening mixture for the human, rare people who like to keep this breed in their house, most are afraid of having this in their house especially if they have children.

You must provide a firm and consistent training to your dog To ensure that your hybrid wolf behaves well and does not show its aggressive and violent side and especially When a wolf-dog becomes mature, it begins to show more signs of a wolf which makes him more and more dangerous.

6. German Shepherd

Now passing to the german shepherds one of the most famous dog breeds in the world, especially since this breed is the most preferred by the police and military units, and this is not just for love, there is a reason behind that. The German Shepherd is an intelligent, aggressive, fearless and confident dog, all the qualities required to be the darling of the police force. however, be aware that if German Shepherds are not socialized properly, they can be more aggressive towards people and even their owners. you should know that despite all the qualifying of this dog it is according to statistics among the five most dangerous dog breeds on this planet. German Shepherds are aggressive dogs that are sometimes not suited to be a pet, these dogs are originally bred for work and not to be a companion. but despite that, the dog is protective of his family and is very effective.

7. American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier has been seen many times attacking people, it is a very aggressive dog that has a very special corpulence which makes it very dangerous, moreover, this dog was used as a fighting dog in history for his distinguished aggressive temperament. you have to be very careful If the idea of provoking or surprising the dog comes to mind, there is a good chance that the dog will bite you. know that the American pit bull has a ferocious genetic makeup, the dog was also used to bait bulls and bears, something that makes you cry, this dog is certainly very dangerous so beware if you come across one, the American Pit Bul is known to be more aggressive than other species of its breed, so do not provoke it, or it will make you regret it on the spot.